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British Troops Destroy Iraqi Police Sectarian Death Squad

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posted on Dec, 25 2006 @ 02:00 PM
Acting rapidly to save 127 political prisoners who were in imminent danger of torture and execution, one thousand British troops conducted a dawn raid against rogue elements in the Iraqi police service in Basra. Acting on intelligence the raid on the Jamait police station, headquarters of the feared 'serious crimes unit', followed the arrest on Firday of several police offices accused of corruption and involvement in death squads.

Once all prisoners were released and evidence impounded, the very building was destroyed with demolition charges, as a potent message to all that such Deathsquads will be destroyed, utterly.
More than 1,000 UK troops have stormed the headquarters of an Iraqi police unit to rescue 127 prisoners, dozens of whom they had feared would be killed.
The forces demolished the Jamiat police station, which was the Serious Crimes Unit's base in Basra.

The British said the unit was suspected of murder and the rescued prisoners appeared to have been tortured.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Where are the nay-Sayers now? Such comprehensive quashing of the alleged death squads , even down to dynamiting the building, so that its shadow of oppression will no longer dominate the skyline shows, beyond all reasonable doubt that British forces are committed to a fair and equitable new government in Iraq , with justice for all

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posted on Dec, 25 2006 @ 05:11 PM
British forces, yes. But this is the government the people of Iraq chose in democratic elections. They know this is going on and turn a blind eye, so in effect they are just as bad as Saddam's government and the Iraqi's haven't been liberated at all.

Kudos to the British and Kudos when American forces do similar good deeds, but it really seems we are not wanted there and only prolonging the inevitable when the Iraqi government gets full control of it's military and starts some serious ethnic cleansing.


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