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Christmas Message from Baghdad: 12,000 Police Officers have Died

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posted on Dec, 24 2006 @ 11:39 PM
The deathtoll among Iraqi police officers died in the line of duty since the US-led invasion in 2003, has reach 12,000, Interior Minister Jawad Bolani said on Sunday, and added the figure is from a total force of about 190,000 officers. He said it following an announcement of a suicide bomb attack that killed seven policemen and wounded 20 others during that Sunday morning's parade at a base north of Baghdad. 12,000 police officers have been killed since March 2003 - one death for every 16 officers. Replacements so far, is not a problem. Despite the risks, young Iraqi men see the security forces as one of the few sources of work, correspondents say, giving a resume of yesterday's leathal incidents, ...on the Evening of Christmas.
Sunday's suicide bombing happened at a police parade ground in Muqdadiya, about 90km (56 miles) north-east of Baghdad. The bomber is reported to have detonated his explosive vest as the officers were assembling.

The US military said six US troops were killed in a wave of attacks on Saturday.

Three military police were killed and one wounded in Baghdad following a roadside bomb attack. Two soldiers died in separate attacks close to the capital.
Another soldier was killed and a second wounded in an explosion while operating in Diyala province, north of the Baghdad, the US military said in a statement.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Detailed story in The Australian

Not considering the signifigance of the date, it must be said to have been a relative quiet day in Iraq.

But why is it, so little focus and attention is put on losses of Iraqi national security forces, when an equal share for American troops would have been 9,000!? More than three times actual number.

Because Iraqi police gettin' killed, falls in the category of sectarian killings.

Anyone considered it three times as dangerous as being a GI-Joe?

What kind of country 'The Alliance' will leave behind 2007 are more or less hopefully to reveal.

A Happy Christmas to troops, sectarian fighters and insurgents alike.

...and to all of you guests, fellow members out there.

May peace and tranquillity be with you...

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[edit on 25-12-2006 by khunmoon]

posted on Dec, 25 2006 @ 01:31 AM
Well, it didn't make to atsnn... fine enough, it isn't exact fresh news.

The news is, it is reported. A fact I would like to discuss as to why this discrimination with emphasis on own loses, seldom seen in relation to the general killing the 'liberation' causes, and never compared to 'the others'.

The spirit of the celebrated moment considered, I like to ask why is the death of an American boy more important than those of ignorant joiners from bands of revenge and hate.

To the Lord we are all same, this holiday is to remind us.


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