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Will there be another terrorist attack? by who?

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posted on Dec, 24 2006 @ 08:12 PM
Why are people so definate about there being another terrorist attack?

I mean, you'd think after enduring such a horrofic act, if indeed it was performed by terrorists... the security aparatus of the US would of found every loop hole imaginable and covered it.

Closed every border, investigated every suspicous citizen coming in, or whom had already entered..

But they havent done that.

Why hasnt the US governemnt taken the nessecary steps to ensure an attack on the same scale doesnt occur?

Isnt this the most basic principal of the government? To protect the people?

Theres 3 main stances people can take over 911.

1. Alqaeda pulled of a surprise attack
2. The government committed the attack
3. The government ALLOWED alqaeda to pull of the 'perceived' attack

Now, If Alqaeda did this, obviously
- they have the ability
- they have the knowedge
- they have the desire
- they have the backing of people

So yes, obviously If alqaeda did this soley, they do have the ability to do it again.
Especially being Osama and CO are still at large, able to send us video's that we cannot use to capture them
go figure.

If the government committed the attack, And have managed to maniuplate it enough for as long as they have, obviously they can do it again.
But why? Surely the mess iraq has become would be enough of a deterrant for this admin to committ the same deal again, this time focusing on Iran. Because its clear Iran arent going to follow suit, and arent dumb enough to attack first.
So If the US government did this, then yes, there's almost a certainty they are going to do it again.

Thirdly, if the GOVERNMENT allowed it to happen.
To me this is the most realistic approach to 911.
Trying to get my head around alqaeda doing it without being noticed, is a long shot.
Seeing the government do it, is also a long shot.
But alqaeda being figured out, and allowed to continue un-interrupted seems logical. After all, Iraq has created alot of money, for the very people whom would of been in control of stopping 911.
This is even more troubling, because if there is another attack in the pipeworks... I see no reason for the govenrment to stop it before it happens, esecpailly being they NEED a reason for the people to get behind this war on terror again.

So again, if my approach to 911 is correct, it leaves further justification that another attack will occur.

But how about retaliation?

You dont just invade, occupy and destroy a countries heart and soul and not expect them to be angry, angry enough to retaliate especially.

This war in iraq, has done NOTHING, but give thousands of young, able bodied humans the resolve to kill americans.

So even if Alqaeda arent able, if the government arent planning too, or the government dont KNOW about more attacks, there's a much larger pool of people wanting to hit you..

America used 911 as an excuse to retaliate against Afghan.
So is it not fair, that when a haneous crime has been comitted against Iraq, they have the right to retaliate against the aggresive nation?

Why is there attack terrorism, but ours is ensuring national safety? Isnt this reminiscent of the polish threat? one meaning for one country, but another for the 'strong' aggresive nation?

How about Iran,
We are basing a/c's on there coast line, we have activley occupied and fortified their neighbouring countries, and voiced our hostility towards them.
Again, under American doctrine, shouldnt IRAN be allowed to 'pre-emptivley' attack the 'aggressive/offensve' forces that are preparing on their border?
Are we not a threat?

What defines THEM defending themselves against the build up of western troops as terrorism, yet when we do it, its in the name of national security?

better question yet.

Should America fall victim to a mass VBIED throughout various hotel blocks in DC, NYC, LA and Miami... supposidly by Alqaeda!
Who are we going to retaliate against?
We've alreayd brocken Afghanistan, and Iraq...
we cant just go and bomb them all over again...
We cant hit Iran, because that brings Israel, Syria, Saudi, Iraq, UK, America, Australia, Lebanon all into the mix thus that WILL kick off a major world war, more than likely with nuclear weapons...

so who does america retaliate against?

What proportianate response is LEFT for the American Government to take against another suicide mission inside the USA?

Especially when the muslim WORLD, will not this time offer sympathy and messages of remorse like they did after 911..
They will sit back shake there heads and say
'' you deserved that after what you did to Iraq ''

So now you find america, alone in the world.
Having just been attacked in retaliation for illegially invading and occupying another country.

GWBush is sitting in his oval office, trying to decide just what course of action to take.

Are you scared?

Having witnessed what this man is responsible for in his 5-6yrs of office, do you trust him to make the right decision?

As stated above, it is a near certainty another attack is coming.
No matter WHO does it, no matter WHO did it before... everyone is out for american blood, even if it is your own leaders.

Youve almost handed any group seeking the downfall of the great satan, a step by step manual on how to achieve their goal.
The american economy, the american people, america's foreign relations and there desire for oil, means ANYTHING the US does to further incite hostilities in the region, will surely collapse there economy, cause their people to revolt, cause foreign parties to cease relations with america.. and cause there addiction for oil to become so bad, it causes major industrial/civil pain..
All anyone needs to do, is hit america and make them hit back.


America no longer exists.
That free country that the world looked up to, that the world relied on for security and stability has been destroyed by your president.

America is in a situation it has never been in , ever before in its existence.

Americas situation is a mirror image of Nazi Germany, especially in the eyes of anyone OTHER than your main ally

Italy and Japan backed up Germany. The world was against.
UK and Australia back up America, but the world is against.

Germany moved on Russia, after suffering critical losses believing it was the right move.

Is america, stupid enough to move on the middle east should another attack occur?, after so many critical failures?

I look at at my work desk on this christmas day thinking, how many more christmases am I going to be able to enjoy, before im fighting in some trench, side by side with some foreigner... sad because my family back home are enduring a an economy so collapsed... they barely have the ability to write to me on paper.

You laugh at what I see,
I shake my head because you are so blinded that you cannot see where we are heading as mankind.

And it all rests, on one more attack.

One more attack.....

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posted on Dec, 25 2006 @ 12:14 AM
I hate to intrude on your doom laden prophecy about the end of the United States, but your diatribe lacks one essential component (not unusual for ATS) namely, facts.

Iraq/Afghanistan - There are currently armed forces from 48 nations operating in Iraq and Afghanistan. The actual numbers of troops from many supporting nations are small, but it is a clear show of support from each country involved.

Iran - The ENTIRE United Nations has supported America's quest to deny that unstable regime the right to develop nuclear weapons. Sanctions were imposed just this week. Note - the entire World supported the USA.

I'm not quite sure where you "sit at your desk", but if it is anywhere in central or western Europe, or the Pacific states, or Grenada, Panama or even the former Soviet Union - then you do so in freedom because the big, bad evil United States sacrificed it's men and its resources to save you from some form of oppression, whether it be fascist or communist in nature.

When Iraq invaded Kuwait, everyone looked to America to fix it, when there's a natural disaster, everyone looks to see how much the US will donate, if an asteroid were hurtling towards the Earth - who you gonna call to do something to save the planet - Zimbabwe maybe, or perhaps your good friends the noble Arabs?

America can only do things wrong in the eyes of many people like you, and when they try to do good, they do it because of greed, or they don't do ENOUGH good, or the good they do is too late etc etc.

America makes mistakes, but it always done so with the best of intentions. If every country on this planet lived up to those same ideals it would be a better World - period.

Perhaps when the Arabs are in charge, and you have to grow a beard, pray 5 times a day, prevent your wife from driving a car, see your daughters denied the right of a basic education, see your son stoned to death for criticizing the ruling regime - maybe then you will sit at your desk and wish that the evil Americans were still in charge - just make sure you whisper your complaints.

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