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all i know

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posted on Dec, 24 2006 @ 04:21 PM
i dont know much but heres what i do: TOP SECRET
The government has been hiding things from us since the Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash. Why would they hide stuff from us? We will never know the answer to this question, nor the question of the DUMB’s, The Grey Fox org., the HAARP, UFO’s, or Area-51. Things like this are stuff the government thinks we do not need to know. I personally believe these things, as well as the twin towers was a demolition, and the pentagon had a missile or an explosive of some type set to it. Personally I think the government does this stuff for financial suites. They started a war with Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as Iran for financial problems and some oil fields. Why would they hide Area-51 from us, saying there is none, when along the side of the road it says, “Welcome to Area-51/Dreamland”? They illegally took 25 miles of land around Area-51. They have secret rooms deep underground where they do secret and illegal experiments. By their own law, we have the right to know everything and they have to tell us stuff. Ok now on-to topic with the things their hiding from us and what they exactly are. DUMB’s a.k.a Deep Underground Military Bases. They have many of these all around the world, over 1000. The Deep Underground Military Bases have many illegal experiments going on in there, why else would it be so secret? Sure many people will say “oh it’s because we don’t want terrorists getting their hands on them”. You think as a citizen, we would let terrorists find out this stuff if we knew what it was and if it would possibly kill us if they knew it? I do not think we would let them know. Now onto the Grey Fox org. It is supposed to be the most secretive organization in the world. If it is SO secretive, how do some of us know about it? They also do illegal experiments and they send out illegal kills by the spec-ops. Ok on to HAARP. HAARP is a scientific endeavor aimed at studying the properties and behavior of the ionosphere, with particular emphasis on being able to understand and use it to enhance communications and surveillance systems for both civilian and defense purposes. In other words, they are using our ionosphere for defensive and civilian purposes. The HAARP can also control the weather. Every time the HAARP is used, the ionosphere comes closer to the earth. HAARP stands for High Frequency Active Aurora Research Program. The project was started in `93. The Navy, US Air Force, and UOA (University Of Alaska). It is said that the project is similar to numerous existing ionosphere heaters around the world, and has a large suite of diagnostic instruments that facilitate its use to increase scientific understanding of ionosphere dynamics. Though many have expressed fears of HAARP being used as a nefarious weapon, the scientists involved in aeronomy, space science, or plasma physics dismiss these fears as unfounded. The project site is near Gakona, Alaska, just West of the Wrangell-Saint Elias National Park. An environmental impact statement led to permission for an array of up to 180 antennas to be erected. HAARP has been constructed at the previous site of an over-the-horizon radar installation. UFO’s has been a fairy tale for many. UFO’s do exist my friend. NASA has space videos of UFO’s flying near earth and past their satellites. Only about one copy of that tape has been leaked to the Internet because our government does not want it shown. Why would our government not want NASA’s UFO video sent out? Because they’re real and our government does not want people to know the truth. Many eyewitnesses to phenomenal UFO sightings have them on film. You can look them up to find out more about them. Area-51. Wow. Area-51 has hid so much stuff from us it’s not even funny. Everybody used to believe Area-51 did not have aliens inside of the secret sub-basement rooms. Now many people know they do. How they know I have no clue. Many UFO sightings have been spotted right above Area-51. Could this be a coincidence? Many strange and scary things happen near Area-51, and nobody can investigate. Nobody will know what really goes on down there unless they somehow infiltrate Area-51, which is almost near impossible. BUT if you find a way you need to do it and let the world know what’s down there!

posted on Dec, 24 2006 @ 08:57 PM
Wrong forum I think for this.

Could you please maybe edit your post and put some paragraphs in there?
What I've read so far is interesting, but I cannot continue.


posted on Dec, 25 2006 @ 01:22 PM
how do i go about editing posts on this forum it wont let me -.- or at least i cant find the edit button

posted on Dec, 25 2006 @ 01:28 PM
The edit option is only open for a few hours after you post so you can't edit the post, only a mod in this forum or admin can edit it now. Perhaps one will come along and move it to introductions where you can be properly greeted as a new member.

Welcome to ATS. I hope your stay here is as long and as enjoyable as mine has been. Your post is about all you know, well stick around my new friend, you'll know a heck of allot more in no time at all


posted on Dec, 26 2006 @ 02:27 AM
Well what if Area 51 is nothing more than a Scape goat for other Millitary Installation's?

What if they want to make it seem so mysterious and odd, maybe they want to keep us questioning about An army base that maybe Hold's nothing, while other's all around it hold the real secret's...

Just a thought...

But I agree it make's no sense why they don't just straight out tell us all these secret's, Political Conspircie's it's obvious why, same with Economical but not Alein's...

Why the hell wouldn't they just tell us, HEY WE HAVE CONTACT WITH OUTER WORLD BEING"S! there would be no mass panic, no anger, or rage...

It's so confusing when you think about it, like a rabbit hole that's esit can't be found.

posted on Dec, 28 2006 @ 09:52 PM
yea i know it's not like as soon as we found out, we'd go tell a terrorist...most of us dont even have terrorist connections am i correct? well if im wrong dont say it!
but yeah, you have a point, there could be nothing in area-51 and we are all worrying about it. but hey, whos to know till someone tells us?

posted on Dec, 28 2006 @ 10:06 PM
Well. While you surly do sound like the kind of guy who would be... privy.. to certain ... top secret.. files, your story is in no way.... unique.. and it lacks that certain... originality.. that I have come to expect from new ATS members.

If only.. yes if only .. these .. er.. whistle blowers, the ones who contain the knowledge of all that is the crazy and speratic ufo conspiracies could get together and make one story to follow, then make a club and not allow any of the new whistle blowers in because every single whistle blower (they do like that self important title right?) has a different story. That is, unless when they come to this site they hastily make a report with no backing information.. leaving out breaks so that it is just one drawn out summary of every other post on ATS. Then you might be unique. Or not.

Sorry. Maybe next time.

P.S. Next time use breaks between paragraphs for any one who has to read it. Thanks.

posted on Dec, 29 2006 @ 02:20 AM
Cut Em Some Slack RockPunk, Come On He's New

But Listen 41n, You ought to change the paragraph's around well do a little spell checking, otherwise you will have people ridin your ass all day hahaha

posted on Dec, 29 2006 @ 01:48 PM
well RockPuck, i did not get all my info from ATS, even though most of it i did, but some of it i got off of the internet. The Grey Fox i got off of ATS, but my HAARP info i got off of internet, so it's a mix of originality and ATS.
I usually do not worry about paragraphs or anything because on forums, some people do not care. i focus more on getting the typing done rather than how it looks. Besides, i type too fast!

P.S: cowboy you keep getting every body's name wrong, mines not 41n, it's 4n1. and his is not RockPunk, it's RockPuck.

[edit on 29-12-2006 by 4n1m4t0r]

posted on Dec, 29 2006 @ 07:19 PM
Paragraphs are important because, not only do they help to group ideas into a coherrant, flowing structure... But also because they help the reader keep their place whilst reading. I kept reading the same line over, or skipping a sentence when reading what you wrote because it's such a large block of text.

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