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Irish Menace!

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posted on Dec, 24 2006 @ 12:28 AM
Hello all,
I'm Cuhail (pronounced "cool"). It's Irish, don't ask.
I came to this site as an ignorant...about a year ago and I have to say I've learned quite a bit. I'm still very ignorant.
I'm not retarded, stupid, idiotic, insane or "lacking the qualities of a rationally-thinking person". I don't appreciate being called such. I am polite, please return the favor when disagreeing with me. I ask questions that may be stupid to some, but, I believe in curing ignorance, not comparing it.
I'm a craftsman and an artist and fairly detail-oriented. As a scale modeler, these qualities are required.
I'm a poet and a warrior and have been in every life I've lived. To this day, I collect swords and the practice the talents to use them. I write lyrics that tend to keep thinkers thinking and lovers loving. I draw, carve, shape leather and I'm slowly getting better at cooking good meals for my wife and child since I get home first. I am an amateur student of history and there's a lot I don't know.

Then there's the "Me" that brings me to ATS. I'm what ALL my friends call a "Conspiracy Theorist". You know the label, I won't elaborate.
I've seen ghosts. I've done some personal ghost hunting with little result, but, the few times I have seen what anyone would call paranormal events, I was completely unprepared for what took place. I was in the room when my mom died and I will swear the room was "emptier" the moment she left her body.
I've seen two UFOs that I can't explain. I won't try.
My brother Matt did two stints in the U.S. Army. He now lives in Germany and sends me news that we don't hear in the USA. -Scary!
My brother Dan died in 1982 as a corporal in the U.S.M.C. prepping the first bunch of Abrams Tanks the US Marines got. There was an "accident" and the gunner and tank commander (My bro) were killed when the tank slid down an embankment and rolled over on top of them. Tragic and hard to believe for a lot of reasons I may go into one day.
My dad? He built Nuke Plants. Not by himself, though. He was actually a timekeeper for a company that DID build the plants. (Byron, IL; Twin Cities, IL; and a few others.) Oddly enough, my oldest brother Mike spent some time building scaffolding for the guys who stripped out all the asbestos in the now-closed Zion Nuke Plant. Eww!

I have had some awesome conversations with some awesome people about stuff that happens on this planet. How these conversations affected me was by eventually leading me here.

As of this moment in time I think this way on my favorite topics:

Evolution makes more sense, I don't think we're done either.
The Illuminati is a real entity
Life exists outside our solar system
UFOs are real, just unidentified, and I think that aliens fly them as well as our government.
I believe the theories surrounding Deep Underground Military Bases like Dulce, NM and S4 outside A51.
I believe TWA 800 was shot down.
I truely believe the USA is being sabotaged by it's own leaders.
I believe most people are sheep.( I also believe we are having Leg of Lamb for dinner X-Mas eve)
I believe Kevin Smith...about a lot.
I believe there is good and evil and I believe evil will win because good is dumb.
I believe I am good and I make decisions to that end.
I want good to win.

I want good to win.

There's more, but, after a year here with little posting, you'll hear more eventually.

Any questions? Anybody? Yes, you sir in the front seat.


posted on Dec, 24 2006 @ 12:34 AM
Well, thats a real filibuster(sp?) first post!

Welcome to ATS!

No questions from me, however.

And Merry Christmas!

posted on Dec, 24 2006 @ 01:06 AM
Ahh! Where are my manners?

Happy Holidays to all of you!


posted on Dec, 24 2006 @ 06:23 AM
Hello, and welcome to ATS.

Merry Christmas!

posted on Dec, 24 2006 @ 05:04 PM
The ATS Freshman's Forum is a great place to discuss the complexities of the ATS universe and to get advice from rookies and veterans alike.

Asala has a new member thread here: Hey new members!! Come here if you need advice.

There are lots of handy tips available in the Handbook of ATS Links.

Here are some Important Website-Related Threads.

Configuring your MyATS page is the easiest way to put the ATS universe at your fingertips.

Be sure to check out Social Issues on PTS. I'm sure you will find the atmosphere to be friendly, enlightening, and rewarding.

Here's an excellent little, unobtrusive spell checker, in case you need one: IESpell 2.1.1 build 325

A convenient text editor also comes in handy when composing those epic posts: EditPad Lite.

Sooner or later you will find a use for TinyURL!™

Oh, and visit the brand new Automotive Discussion forum.


posted on Jan, 3 2007 @ 11:07 PM
But, then I came here.

Now, I happen to label myself a "Jack of all Trades, Master of None" and this website really pounds that fact home. I have encountered the most serious people here at ATS. Serious people with serious talent, education and the ability to really focus their energy to solving some of the big wonders in life.

I am not able to do this. Not like some here. There are threads here I don't feel qualified to read, much less answer or reply to. I read a heck of a lot more than I post. (This, I wish more people would do)

If I don't agree with the thread, I tend to:
1) Wait, maybe more info will be added as time goes on.
2) Ignore the post altogether.

But, there are also threads where I say to myself "WOW, I always thought that!", but, having gleaned yet more info on the subject from just that thread alone, I think to myself "What the heck can I even ADD to that thread that will be beneficial?" So I don't.

Now, I'm no newbie to the forum world. I have been on the friendliest, most helpful forums in the world in the Scale Modeling Genres. Wow, what a great bunch of people, only on the forum to give and receive answers and helpful information.
It's not here though. I've come across more people that speak hurtfully and with malice, just to derail a thread they disagree with. You know what I am talking about. The....the....damn, I can't thin- Trolls! Yeah, that's it, Trolls! What's up with that mindset? Can somebody answer that question? Any home-psychologists wanna tackle that little gem?


So, what I intend to add to ATS is my wisdom. Wisdom comes with experience, not a book. My ol' Lady and I were talking about the difference between Intellegence and Wisdom, and we concluded that Intellegence is the ability to learn and retain information. I have both, to a degree, but, I rely so much more upon my wisdom in every day life. Let me give an example of my Intellegence vs. Wisdom theory.

In 1995 I worked as a maintenance engineer (HA! (You'll understand that "HA!" by the end of the thread)) at Turtle Lake Resort in Union City, Michigan. I did it all. From cutting 5 acres of grass to changing lightbulbs to full rewiring jobs on the clubhouse. I have a lot of experience in the carpentry, roofing, drywall, plumbing, electrical and masonry trades. My intellegence on these matters were very important when the Jones' in Rig 210 called and said "Our tap in the Kitchen is spraying water all over the room" My Intellegence will get the job done quickly so the Jones' can get back to their vacation with little distraction.

My Wisdom says that I should ALWAYS have eye-to-eye conversations while working at Rig 210 with the Jones'-because Turtle Lake Resort was a Nudist Resort and although Mrs. Jones looks awesome in any light, Mr Jones is 6'2" and can benchpress Mobilehome Rig 210 if I need to get at the plumbing underneath. Eye-to-eye conversations were practiced because, darnit, staring was rude.
Great Job, lots of wisdom learned. Had an AWESOME time at Nudestock 95.
I kept the Levi's on, before ya ask. I only worked there. But, that's only one example of the very diverse life I've lived that has bestowed upon me a wonderful cache of stored wisdom that soooo helps me out more than the intellegence I possess. And I'm fairly smart. Just not enough. (But, who is?) I'm here on ATS to impart some wisdom and lead by example, and to learn. Maybe I can be smarter as my wisdom tells me I can.

I will impart the smartest thing I ever heard to you all now.

"The decisions we make, dictate the life we lead."

Danny Devito told that to the soldiers he was teaching Shakespere to in the movie "Renaissance Man"

To the Trollers, and you know who you are, have at me. I can take whatever you dish out, but, be warned. The second smatest thing I've learned is:

"Tact is for people who aren't witty enough to be sarcastic!"

Yeah, you guys are gonna love me.


posted on Jan, 15 2007 @ 02:02 PM
For a little more info on "The Murph" please, check out my MySpace Profile.

Cuhail's MySpace Profile

Yeah, just scary, ain't it?


( I just read a post about linking to other websites being BAD! Have I broken this rule in this post? If yes, I will adjust it accordingly, but, for goodness sake, spare the whip! I don't wanna be bad!)

Edited to include parenthetical content

[edit on 1/15/2007 by Cuhail]

posted on Sep, 18 2008 @ 09:33 PM
Wow. I talk too much!


I was so idealistic then. I'm glad I'm calmer now.


Ohhhhm....madi padme.....ohhhhhm.


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