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Strange video, quite convincing poltergiest

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posted on Dec, 23 2006 @ 04:25 PM
This video to me is quite convincing,

Before people start saying, oh the camera seems to know whats is going to happen, look, things in this video happen before the camera looks.

if this is a fake, it is very a good one, and sorry if you all seen it before

much appreciate your thoughts on this video

posted on Dec, 23 2006 @ 04:43 PM
I am not sure I can agree. It looked to me that the person filming the event could have reacted to the picture moving, yet the camera seems to be aimed at the table before the object there moved. There is a sound around 10 seconds in that could have drawn the person's attention to the table though. Its hard to say.

The verbal reactions of the person filming seemed as though they could be valid - I can imagine myself reacting that way.

Who knows? There is nothing there that one couldn't rig and the film is of very poor quality. There's just not enough info there for me to form an opinion concerning it's authenticity.

I like this one better:

"Ghost" at the door

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posted on Dec, 23 2006 @ 04:59 PM
Ive found another video apparently off the same guy, again this one is hard to fake but who knows, i mean in this video you could say hes attached fishing wire to the door knob but for it to open at a slow speed and shake at the same time is very hard to fake i rekon

The guy was either #ting himself real bad or it was one of those sexual ghosts

posted on Dec, 24 2006 @ 01:28 PM
for the first video i think it cud be real cuz u can imagine it really u start seeing things move and u think ill get camera as proof so u rush and u grab it as fast as u can chuck the bag on the floor like he did. if not it is a really clever fake

posted on Dec, 24 2006 @ 04:47 PM
I watched this a few times, and the only thing i can come up with, that may be a possibility, is the fan.
The camera is pointing to the fan at the start of the video. Lets say that the fan has a series of wires connected to the picture and the item on the table.
The wires are of different lengths, there fore, as the fan turns, the wires get tighter, hence the picture moving and then the item on the table.

The video is not that clear, so any wires could be concealed.

Just my take on things.

posted on Dec, 24 2006 @ 06:47 PM
wellwhatnow What was that? I couldent decern what that was. Quite odd. it did apear to go straight through the door, And it made a paper on the door itself move slightly.

posted on Dec, 29 2006 @ 11:38 PM
Hmm, I don't think it's real.
I think there would have been some noticible camera interfearance, or at least the fan would have slowed or stopped spinning. Also, the lights seemed to be blinking in a pattern. If i have time later, i'll look at it more, but I think it's a fake.

posted on Dec, 31 2006 @ 02:07 AM
I know both videos could be faked, they don't look fake in an obvious way but the way it's edited makes me think it must be fake, if it was real I guess the guy would dare to show us more from his videos and not just small clips.
So my conclusion is that it's a very good fake, but I may change my mind if I get the whole (unedited version) video in better quality and it looks real.
But anyway, thanks for sharing! Let us know if you find more videos like this!

posted on Dec, 31 2006 @ 09:05 AM
I have seen it numerous times and find it hard to believe it was faked. In fact, it looks genuine. I have had objects move on their own in front of me on more than one occassion and usually when I am stressed out. I have seen objects move quite forcefully like somebody pushed the objects out of the way and I have seen a whisk levitate and fly into the middle of the floor.

Given my own experiences, I believe this is real, but I believe that the person is highly stressed and is using telekinetic ability.

I usually get a strange sensation in the pit of my stomach before something like that happens. I should imagine the individual was highly strung and was exerting telekinetic energy like I have done when I have been highly stressed, hence, I learned to remain calm in a crisis.

posted on Dec, 31 2006 @ 09:31 AM
i have recently found another video, its on youtube wich seems to be the place for all videos these days
, im not gonna post it here tho, ill make a new post in a short while

also im new to this site so bear with me, but since ive been coming here, scans of my computer are showing strange trackings cookies from wierd places like, i have no viruses and there making my comp slow hmm anyway thanks all

posted on Dec, 31 2006 @ 02:13 PM
The first vid has been discussed here a while ago, and the things I thought was that it is a Brilliant fake or it is genuine, I go more for genuine, it's the whole pulling the camera out of the bag and then (if you look closely) running out the door in his socks and not aiming the camera at anything else.
If it was fake he maybe would have stayed and filmed more knowing he was safe...

The vid of the door knob is good, Could easily be faked but i'm not sure, he does sound either very excited of scared out of his mind...


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