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The Number 17 Phenomena

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posted on Dec, 23 2006 @ 05:29 AM
I was born on the 17th of a given month, and all my life i have notice the number 17 appear in a lot of places... nothign significant but its always there. I have told other people (born also on a 17th) and they have started to notice how 17 appears everywhere.

The one day I was explaining this story to a group of frineds, my wife (born on jan 17th) was there and shes noticed the 17 phenomena and was also explaining how weird this is. but anyways in the group i was explaining the 17 phenomena to, there were 10 of us. well at the end of my explanation people started giving out their birthdays, 7 out of 10 people listening to this were all born on a 17th, 2 of them even shared the same birthday and didnt even realize it.

I am wondering if anyone has encountered the 17 phenomena and I encourgae you that if you're born on a 17th to keep your eyes open and you'll notice it.

My niece was born last week and she's now part of teh 17 club.

Anone ever have the number 17 follow them or any other number for that fact.

posted on Dec, 23 2006 @ 08:27 AM
Yes. Nothing as wide-ranging as your collection of 17s, but a little bit of an oddity in my own small life.

Date of my impending marriage was altered due to others plans. Was altered from the 5th to the 17th of August.

Family member contacted me to say I shouldn't get married on the 17th August because that was the date of my parents' wedding, and their marriage had turned out 'horrible'.

I'm not worried, I replied, It's just a number.

Family member replied that my grandparents' wedding had also been on the 17th and I should change the date.

I'm not worried, I replied, It's just a number (I didn't even believe my grandparents had really been married on that date -- thought the person was making it up for effect).

My wedding went ahead on the 17th. .

Later, I discovered my grandparents really had been married on the 17th.

So, grandparents, parents and child --- all married on 17th.

My marriage lasted 17 years almost precisely

Coincidence, I thought.

Then it occurred to me that I'd left home to live on my own when aged 17.

And it was true that critical events, or the date, important numbers, issues involving other people etc. had involved number 17 or multiples of it.

Not sure if it's a theme or simply coincidence.

posted on Dec, 23 2006 @ 11:11 PM
dont seem to recall 17 having any importance to me...other than the fact that my older brothers birthday is on april 17th.

posted on Dec, 24 2006 @ 11:37 AM
The 5th song called "7th day of July 1777"

I listen to this stuff and it can cause some bad luck now and then.
Lyrics to song:

The 7th Day Of July 1777

[ACC. GUITAR: Andy.]
Count de LaFey uncovered his cheating Wife
9 months of loving and sharing
Oh it was a bastard child
How could he have been so blind

"No bastard baby
will inherit what's mine"
Another one of her affairs
had left him in despair

So he pushed her down the stairs
to die..."No" She cried
In 1777, on the 7th Day of July

The Countess broke her neck and the
embryo came out dead
The he burned his beloved Wife
and the embryo he gave a name
"Abigail You must rest in shame" Rest in shame

[SOLO: Andy]

With a strange idea
He wanted to mummify
The girl for the future to find...and he did

[SOLO: Mike.]

So he pushed her down the stairs
To die..."No" She cried
In 1777, on the 7th Day of July

Merry Christmas!

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posted on Dec, 24 2006 @ 09:53 PM
I could imagine that what ever number occupies the most of your attention, is going to NATURALLY appear to you, just as many other specific interests.

posted on Dec, 26 2006 @ 03:51 PM
when my wife and I found out that she was pregnant we went out as eager parents start looking for baby furniture.....we went to ikea and we looked around for a bit and saw their cafeteria and decided to stop there for lunch. and jokingly i said to her this should be our celebration for finding out so we were jokingly laughing that this was our celebration meal and Ikea when we got teh bill we stopped laughing. The bill came out for $17.17.

Ok I dont knwo if that is pure coincidence or Sneaking Suspicion said maybe the number is occupies my attention. well I have taken that into consideration and honestly it is way too much of a coincidence it's almost creepy.

so if numbers occupy our attention any one ever notice the numbers that occupy their attention anywhere in their lives.

posted on Dec, 26 2006 @ 04:54 PM
Not with 17, but for me....(and im so pleased to be posting this, this has wierded me out for years)...the number 13 has followed me aroud something stupid.

born...Friday,13th june 1980

born at Guys in london england, on the 7th floor in the sixth maternity ward...7+6=13

knocked down by a car 7 days before my 13th birthday..(proberbly would have killed me both mentally and physically if it was 13 days before.

used to live at number 26 (13+13 =26)...moved from there age 13yrs

lived with mum till 18, moved into NUMBER 13, where i am living now.

The end of my phone number is 6513....(65 divided by 5 = 13)..WOAH!!2nd EDIT...6+5+3-1 = 13!! T'would appear i am riddled with 'em)

the end of my bank account number is 9013....(EDIT!!! I JUST REALISED...9+0+1+3 = i computer blew up on fri 13th this year october some time..i think, feeling a little uneasy bout that.)

The end of my PIN is 31 (13 reversed)

Im pretty sure thats it, so yes im in FULL agreement that there is a strangeness regarding this subject.

Cheers for starting this thread, feels great to discuss this with other like minded people who have experienced the same thing.


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posted on Dec, 26 2006 @ 08:59 PM
There is a thread devoted to numbers and their significance.
Please add your comments and experiences here:

This thread is now closed.

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