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Brave Iraqi tribes take on Al-Qaeda !!

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posted on Dec, 23 2006 @ 04:45 AM
More evidence that Iraqis have had a gutfull of Foreign Jihadis Killing there Wifes and Children and are tackling these foreign Invaders head on !!


A group of Sunni tribal chiefs in Iraq say they have caught more than 100 al-Qaeda members

Its great to see some cooperation coming from these people, many hands make Lighter work !!

"We are fighting the terrorists because they have caused the violent chaos in the country, the instability. They are killing innocent Iraqis and killing anyone who wants freedom and peace in Iraq," he explained.

Im glad the local populous sees this for what it is, Islamofascists attempting to destroy there country and steal there Freedom !!

The sheikh said some of the al-Qaeda fighters and weapons came from neighbouring Arab countries, Syria and Saudi Arabia mainly, but some were from more distant Arab countries and from Afghanistan.

Hmm Iran is suspiciously missing from the List !! ................

Good Work SUnni Tribal Cheifs, together we can rid your lands of Islamofascists !!

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