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Duncan O'Finioan - Psychic Warrior Proof?

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posted on May, 13 2011 @ 03:40 PM
First off: I know this is, by and large, an old topic, but I see there's been some semi-recent activity, so I'm going to go ahead and post in it.

I've followed Duncan's claims really casually over the last few years, and frankly, they sound awfully ridiculous. If you're going to make these bold statements, why not back them up? It would be so easy to prove any number of his claims through simple tests (especially the implant ones). Him releasing a tiny, low-res image on his site doesn't prove anything. It could easily be manipulated. (I'm almost hesitant to argue that a picture could be doctored, because that sounds like something one of the Obama "birther" conspiracists would say, and I'm certainly not one of them. There are obviously two distinctly different situations we're dealing with though, and I do need to explain that. But I digress...)

I also find it really unsettling that people are defending him / saying that he doesn't need to release any proof than we wants to / reasoning that we should be grateful with the fact that he's sharing any information with us at all. Come on. If he's not prepared to subject himself to a reasonable degree of testing, then what proof do we have? His word?

Or how about this, if he doesn't want to subject himself to tests because he finds them humiliating or degrading or whatever asinine excuse he probably gives, why not demonstrate his powers? Oh, let me guess, he's still "learning to control them" and has "no idea when he'll be able to use them". Right? Or am I wrong? Does he have some other convenient excuse he uses in place of that?
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posted on May, 13 2011 @ 03:49 PM
Hilarious people defend him.

Get in his face? Tough guys?

Hahahah hilarious, this is the internet, if you jump out there and make retard claims and pander for donations you should provide evidence which they never do so yeeeeaaaah.

Where does that leave us now on an internet forum?

What that other guy that claims the same crap Brian McCollum?

Lol take those retard eyelets out and get a job, or learn a better hustle, cause don't look like these guys make all that much.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 05:41 PM
Just wasted an hour of my life reading an interview from him. This guy is a complete and utter nutjub, seriously. Here are some highlights from the article. Duncan claims he...

  1. ...visited a base underground, in which the government was keeping aliens:

    D: Yes, [the base is] underground.

    K: Have you seen any certain kind of beings there?

    Duncan: Yes, they are in stasis.

    Bill Ryan: Like a kind of artificial induced hibernation?

    Duncan: Yes (nodding), thank you.

  2. ...punched a man 12 times in the span of a second and literally broke his neck:

    I was just sitting there with one arm on her shoulder. She was laughing about it.

    The next thing I know, I look up and I see this extremely large man standing over top of me and he's got three or four friends with him and he's giving this routine, "I'm giving you to the count of whatever to get off of her or I'm going to do this". Well, I snapped, I'm on the ground, I look up, I see I'm outnumbered, outgunned. I change. Normally I would have just rolled out of the way, got up, started cussing right back at him, throw him out the door, but no, I stood up and hit him and the witnesses there said I hit him not once, but twelve times in the matter of a second. It broke his neck. His neck was as big as my legs and it just snapped his neck.

  3. ...was visited by an alien at his bedside:

    That night, I go to bed, I was laying there, I don't know how long, but I feel like I'm on fire, when I snapped awake, I can't move. All I can do is open my eyes, the whole upstairs is full of light and I can see a five pedal figure standing by the bed. I can see a head, I can see the arms, I can see the legs, and that's it and I know it's talking to me, it's telling me something and the next thing I know my daddy is shaking my shoulders with my brothers because saw the light and they thought the upstairs was on fire.

  4. ...was repeatedly fired by employers because the government pressured his bosses to fire him:

    know from personal experience it would be the greatest thing since sliced bread for a couple of months and then all of a sudden a boss or supervisor would come and find something wrong and we're fired. What I found out over the years is that's not unique to me. They want to keep you one step below poverty level, keeps your mind occupied on other things.

  5. ...almost assinated George Bush in 1985:

    I look over and there was George Junior sitting at the bar with the secret service bodyguards, drunk as a skunk with the secret service trying to get him to calm down. Now, that's when I snapped awake. I don't remember driving there and I'm looking around, and I'm: Where the hell am I at, and but yet there he is and I had one impulse - kill him. Terminate. And I had a gun in my pocket. And for whatever reason I fought the impulse down and I didn't kill him.

  6. ...literally walked through a wall, which his friend witnessed:

    I remember raising up on one shoulder, in the mind seeing the kid reaching towards the door get out past the door. She said that I came out through the wall in front of her and all she could do was to stop and say WHOA. And, I think whatever I did, if I froze inside that wall, that would have been fun.

  7. ...had a vision of 9/11 (and then later was warned of the attack in advance?):

    I saw 911 two weeks before it happened. I put it up on some bulletin boards on the net and I was laughed at. I lived in Delaware at that time, right on the eastern shore, walking distance to the beach. I had a trip planned to Boston, couple of days before the trip cause we were going to drive it, I get a phone call and it's the metallic digitized voice and it says postpone your trip, two day window plus or minus one day whether here or here, there's going to be something big in New York and you don't want to get caught in it.

  8. ...contracted an "unknown viral infection" after being shot it with an imaginary gun:

    I was out for a jog and it was in the wintertime and I hear a motorcycle. Motorcycle? You ever been on the east coast in the wintertime when the wind blows? It's frigid. And I'm out jogging and I hear a motorcycle and the ears go up, hair start standing up and I go from a hard run to a light jog and I see the motorcycle, solid black motorcycle, no insignia, just solid black, two riders dressed in black with black opaque masks. I'm going this way and they are going this way. This thing is going so slow, I'm trying to figure out how in the world is it staying up and as it comes up to me, I'm running scenarios, I'm wearing ankle and wrist weights, ok, I'm waiting to see a gun, so I'm thinking this is coming off, this is going to throw, forward roll, kick the back wheel, try to get an advantage.

    The guy does open his coat, puts his hands in his coat – this is the rider. All I see is two fingers, points them at me and goes like this (firing of gun signaling with hand) and goes back. I'm thinking this is just a warning, ok, and they slowly go on down the road along route one to go north. I didn't make it ten steps, I had to puke, bile, everything, I had to crawl home, I was sick for three days, I finally went to the doctor and said I have had some kind of unknown viral infection. He did shoot me… just not with a gun.

  9. ...killed hundreds/thousands of enemy troops by holding hands in a circle with eleven other kids:

    We came off of the chopper, formed a semi circle, and we all held hands. There was …

    K: Were they all boys?

    D: No.

    K: Were they all around the same age?

    D: Yeah, I was the oldest.

    K: So, all around the age of twelve?

    D: Anywhere between the age of nine and twelve. I was team leader. We held hands, raised our arms, and killed them all.

    K: Who did you kill?

    D: Every Khmer Rouge soldier within twenty miles.

Coming into this article, I found his story almost remotely believable (I stress the word "remotely"). But now? Wow. This guy has negative credibility to me now. Apparently he's been involved with every paranormal situation humanly imaginable.

[link to interview]
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posted on May, 14 2011 @ 11:05 AM
He wasnt BlackOps. You dont retire from Teir 1 , and Civilian blackops. They retire you and tell you what you can do and how to do it when you retire.You wave your rights and you understand everything that is going to happen to you. They also implant a small device in the back of your head next to your Cerebrum they will blow that # up if your captured , and you understand this. This takes away Suicide for religious issuies. Youll feel a 7 second vibration when it is activated and this gives time for you to say your prayer if your religious. 100% painless , you dont feel a thing.

posted on Sep, 27 2011 @ 08:39 PM
Whenever I bring up Duncan O'Finioan to friends, I always say,
"There are 3 possibilities - A) He's delusional B) He's lying, C) He's telling the truth. And if the answer is C - God help us."

Do I believe Duncan? I don't know, but he sure tells a fascinating story, and does make good points here and there - keep yourself informed about what TPTB are planning, be prepared for catastrophes, etc.
Though I do admit to finding it a little odd how he gets defensive whenever he's pressed for more evidence. More detailed X-RAYs of the "implants" would definitely be a bonus in credibility.

posted on Sep, 27 2011 @ 10:04 PM

please help protect him and I by listening to it. (its the one at the top)

I would really like to hear this interview, but don't see it at the top of that page (or anywhere on the page). Can you give some more specifics so I can find it? What's it titled?

posted on Sep, 28 2011 @ 06:41 AM
reply to post by rdube02

Watch his stories on youtube, certain things make zero sense. Like if they could kill specific targets literally miles away with the power of their mind then why would they be trained in hand to hand combat? His story about shooting so perfectly that only one bullet hol was in the target as they all exactly passed through the same hole makes no sense too as the standard guns he used would themselves not be 100% perfect at the ranges he talks about. Thats just the tip of the iceberg too.

I have no doubt something possibly may have happened to him, but his story conflicts a lot of times im afriad and makes little sense.

posted on Sep, 28 2011 @ 07:41 AM

Originally posted by clintdelicious
His story about shooting so perfectly that only one bullet hol was in the target as they all exactly passed through the same hole makes no sense too as the standard guns he used would themselves not be 100% perfect at the ranges he talks about. Thats just the tip of the iceberg too.

THIS!? THIS? This is what makes zero sense?? lol I'm jokin of course Clint!!

I find it funny that Duncan's only proof is the crappy x-rays. If he really does flip out like he claims, stick him in a secure environment tie him to a chair and make him watch a war movie. If his claims are true he'll be able to break out of those restraints and get out the room. Or get 2 MMA trained fighters to annoy him and see if he'd really be able break a neck in 1 second... I doubt it. haha such a crude experiment! But seriously set up some sort of test where he is pushed to his limits. I've seen some of his youtube videos and he's very well trained with a knife. Infact in one video he is sparring with some guy and nearly takes his nose off... with a rubber knife!! He's just a martial arts teacher who had no friends and read up on this stuff.

Duncan has, what I like to call "All Bases Syndrome" where any question you ask he has all bases covered. Whereby he can continue writing by saying Oh no guys I had another flashback... let's tell the author!! The true people who you should believe are the ones who's stories stop. end of. Where they say well I wouldn't know too much about that because my training/program/black project finished before then sorry. It's the same as Duncan from the Philadelphia Project he has stated he doesn't want to talk about some issues just yet and he's also remembering new stuff. It's just a dodgy way of leaving room for a sequel.

No doubt it's a great story to tell, apart from the magical invisible gun of making people sick which seemed ridiculous. Also if he did have a tracking system in him what would be the most logical thing to do? Sit in a motel and make interviews with him -AHEM- Project Camelot. Watch that interview and when the TV comes on he goes "It was a psychic pulse aimed at us" or something to that effect... ummm nope. It's old TV, I had one and when it'd be left on standby for long enough it'd turn itself off due to heat or something.

And yeah when he says "can you believe I'm only 40(something) years old" I near lost my spit I thought WTF you look like your 60 something.

There's another guy who BLATANTLY doesn't know what MK ULTRA is and calls it MACH ULTRA when that Kerry from Camelot says Mach? he goes oh...oh yeh ummm... we urrr.... we army guys call it MACH... How many interviews have army guys appeared in and called it MACH?? ONE... HIS!!! He also fumbles about trying to remember stuff he should know off the bat. If I can find it I'll stick it up here because it's the most awkward thing I've ever seen.

I'm not saying hey believed me because I told you to. Question everything. Never assume something is telling the truth. If you really are interested in the subject take the time to read/watch all the testimonies you can.

posted on Sep, 28 2011 @ 07:44 PM
reply to post by R3N3G4D3

Yea also he says that when he got a cat scan his implants caused felt like the magnet was pulling them out of his body and he claims that the CT machine went beserk and actually caught fire. He says the doctor can confirm this, but I've never once heard of him bringing a witness despite the fact that if he did it would giver him some credibility as a doctor is a great witness. He however seems to think them by saying he has a witness thats good enough, why say it if you don't bring him along? It's 100% pointless, like going to a trial and asking the judge 'why do you need to see my evidence? I told you I have it so why would you need to see it? if I told you it exists?'.

I admit when I was younger and 1st heard of him I wanted it to be true because it sounded 'kool', but even I could tell it wasn't genuine. They way he talks with his eyebrows high in the air is just like how a child tries to exaggerate a story and if they realise you don't believe them then they just keep making it crazier and crazier as if top say 'no seriously honest, in fact it gets even crazier listen!' But hey its facts fro, things that he says that make it so obviously a lie, the fact that he is this super soldier but can't beat a lie detector or even appear genuine is bizarre.

Like I said before, these 3 kids killed every camire rougue fighter in 20 miles, whilst not harming their pinned down soldiers at the same time using the power of their minds! WTF?!?!? Really??? So if as a child you could do this why would you ever need a gun or hand to hand fighting? You don't even have to go near the target, 20 mile range remember!

Btw Duncan has himself replied to my youtube comments about all this and he just made fun and suggested that I was a blind, ignorant fool, instead of replying to my questions.

Im trying to think of the other claims he made but can't remember them now, basically he claims to be a super soldier even when using for example at the shooting range standard issue pistols. It don't matter how God like he claims to be at shooting with these, the weapons are not at all 100% perfect and shooting all rounds through the same hole which looked just like one hole so much that they accused him of missing all but one shot.

Oh yea and he claims that they taught him when he was young to telepathically manipulate physical objects and offcoarse now he has lost this power. He claims to not remember then after a car crash his memory came back, Surely then his skills would still be with him to an extent? But he only seems to show that he is physically strong, and a martial artist, not exactly crazy skills that few people in the world posses huh? He says that at the young age he learnt 'every martial art known to man', really? This makes me question his martial arts knowledge as well as there are so many styles that he simply could never learn them all, let alone master t. With the mind power tho why be trianed so extensively in hand to hand fighting? Why not keep training that killer brain with force powers?

Im sorry but I think thats enough things. Also look at him when he talks, he knows that he's lying, but is like one of those kids who brags about a story that really never happened and everyone is laughing behind his back etc coz they know its a lie and just say nothing because they cant be bothered with the hassle, meanwhile the kid who lied thinks that he is the man as they believed his mad story, but is confused as to why noone will talk to him and unsure why everyone is always s'n-word'ing at him like they have an inside joke that he doesn't know(he is the joke obviously)

Go to his youtube channel and ask him questions and why he keeps saying he has witnesses if he's not going to let them be interviewed? also if its true then why all the hostility to people who want evidence? Soldiers arn't afraid of routine medical exams and he apparently has had very many so why would one more hurt? Super soldier but runs away from a doctor? That makes no sense.

posted on Sep, 28 2011 @ 07:49 PM
reply to post by R3N3G4D3

Btw your 'all bases syndrome' is a perfect description, At 1st he couldn't remember much, but when he realised that these conferences he does have an audience who want stories he quickly he quickly starts remembering and sure enough you name it he's done it. 'WAIT jus..........I'm.....Re....remember........ahhhhh!!! AHHHH! I remember now! Yes I did travel back in time and fought Hannibals elephants with my bare hands, I 'killed em up' all of Hannibals army dead within 20 miles with my mind laser death kill destructor technique.

posted on Sep, 28 2011 @ 08:02 PM
reply to post by clintdelicious

HAHAHAAHA!!! Hannibals elephants!! I fought them off with 20 million martial arts types I learned when I was 12... He's a joke. The day he brings that doctor into a interview I'll believe him until then NOPE.jpg
Surely there were nurses there too? I've had an MRI and had metal drawstrings on my pants, all they did was float a bit and I didn't magically know friggin Tae Kwon Doe.

Take it from me, this guy is a joke and Project Camelot is feeding these trolls more attention. I still laugh when I think about when he said "We age pretty well, can you believe I'm only fourty?" FUDGE OPS!!! You look like you need a friggin cane!!

Star btw mate WELL SAID!!

posted on Jul, 14 2012 @ 02:19 AM
I believe the Probability factor that all of his, and his sources, claims are false are low.

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