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Duncan O'Finioan - Psychic Warrior Proof?

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posted on May, 3 2009 @ 10:10 PM
i was hoping he wasnt because it is that type that makes it difficult for the real victims of such things.

posted on May, 3 2009 @ 10:42 PM
It is sad to say i get the same impression about duncan.
It isnt the money it is when people take the place of a victim and cause it to become more difficult for the real vicitms to tell there story.

After all a real victim of this stuff will have a harder time just admitting it to them selves then the repressed memories and realization that some of those dreams were repressed memorys and such,,,,,,,then when someone such as myself see videos of someone saying some very similar things yet there are a few things that dont jive,,,,that and he didnt mention even blue light.

listening to him remineded me of some of the conversations ive had with a couple of people in the 90's about what was going on in my head and a few concerns of mine. It was like watching exerpts of those conversations, allot of it was mentioned, yet he left allot of details and such out about the actualy types and process of certain gifts
Then there is his insistance about looking young, actualy if he were better looking and a bit smaller he would look like an older me,,,,,,,,,,,it weird because i seem to have a memory of a mexican town and bar just like his memory,,,,,,,,,,,,,but then i was also left on the side of the road in nevada around area 51, woke up on a bus got of walked inot the brothel order a cup of coffee was taken into a room and told to rest up and heal, woke up and left all better(and no i didnt get lucky)ya i was even on the tram under ground that is a weird memoriy because im in two bodys at once, an older me and younger,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the younger me had seen or learned something the other didnot and was crying in the back as we were escapeing a misshap of somesort, the older me was sent in to get them out, as the others were making fun and degrading the younger me then i told them to shut up and said that you dont know what hes bin through or what hes going to do for you, he may save your life, you didnt see what eh saw, so shut up and leave him alone. i wonder how i/he knew that i would save there lives ohya oderversion area 51, its real crazy since ive even found pictures of someone wearing desert storm camos in 1942 with a u2 spyplane on t-shirt and a cell phone looking thing on belt,,,,the other funny ha hha is who may be my great uncle is in the picture and they guy in the camos who it was his only flight as warratn officer having teh same first name as i as well as looking very similar,,,,,,,,,,,,,put this together with some of my old aquantances insisting that we were in time travel experiments together, i never told them to my knowledge i just let them talk and tell what they thought they remembered or what may be similar to my memories, because i could never remeber them ther it usualy was solo for me,,,,,,,........Anyways there memories never jived with mine and i realy only remained freids to find out if i just couldnt rember them or were they trying to get info from me to front themselves of as being either me or something like me,,,,,,,,,,,,,so i just kinda played dumb about certain things unless it had to do with philosophy or theology and spiritual concepts because in this i could speak of old religions lost that still exist in some ways today or sound like i found something knew,,,,,,,,,,,,,,yet i had dreams of being Rama when i was a boy, i remember breaking the bow of Shiva. I remember walking in the garden with Sita as Rama and explaining to her why i was the only one allowed to carry a weapon of my class(god)and that i was not susceptible ot becoming mad like the others when armed, and the only time that i would draw my bow is in defense of the priests, it is only drawn when provoked and to protect.

IT creaped me out alot because i knew the ways of the warriors philosophy since boyhood yet i understood it in a spiritual way and what that ment, yet i was not exposed ot anything of the sort other than what i already knew, i did not learn of certain story's from very old religions until a few months ago, and those

posted on May, 3 2009 @ 10:53 PM
Those storys were of a vedic god called Rama, one of the Buddhas.

When i learnded the Lakota ways i was natural to them in a way that i was accepted by the elders and not my peers because of my youth, and stuborness in truth and honesty with emphasis on integrity.

The story of breaking the bow is interesting of Rama because i had a dream of that when i was a boy, it was pare of the regression training i went through before the cap took hold, i rember te emotion and such.

The funny part is i became part of a warrior society called the broken bow society, a tokala society of the lakota.

to me it doesnt matter how insane it sounds something is afoot ,,,,,,,but then why would all of these factors play any part in the real thing going on.

posted on May, 3 2009 @ 11:35 PM
Hopefully we can devote more time in learning and putting a stop to it all instead of debunking,,,,,,,,,after all we are dealing with fragmented memories with many sub-layers then there are the perceptions of others to be accounted for.

So i just question why some just want to say stuff like bs,,,,,,,then i just have to do what i was going to do anyways and just quetion.

so i question why he says duncans bs
i also question am i full of made up fantasies, or was that hypnosis real as well as all the surgeries and other such things.
and then what about duncan if he is real he probley suffers from similar memory problems and jumbled memories that cause dicrepatncys or such

then there are diffent programs that were done,,,,,,as well as fakers thrown in,,,,,

because of all the stories its hard to remember which one was on mars and which one was probley real,,,,,,,,,,,out of all the storys i have to say that duncans is closest to my own in some ways but i would have to watch his stories again,,,,,,,,part of my difficulty is some of the type of programing i underwent and i have to watch my emotions and judgement,,,,,,,,,,,,,it kinda temporal in a sense,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and my stuff is of a more spiritual psychic type than Duncan's so i am a bit more susceptible to being emotional,,,,,,but then they even have a comic depiction fo my type when in a kinda battle mode of protective nature that scares the bejezzes out of em and me,,,,,,,and the conditioning they put me through so that tey could cause me to use my gift like a knee jerk reaction and they played with my spiritual reflexes like little bullys at times,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.......................This is why they dont like it when im not angry because they know that when im not emotionaly channeling it away then it may be going at my attacker or other evil types doing myself harm or others,,,,,,,,,,that lightnig realy woke me up and dispelled my doubts i just wish i knew as much about myself as they do but i am greatfull i know more of what is important and can continue to take control back,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.................

So hay even if some are fake at least they send a red flare up and draw attention,,,,,,yet we should also error on the side of caution and not completly discount someone as being a victim, in my case it has bin difficult to accetept my position in what i am because then that meens taht i am what some call a shaman or hollyman chief or king or even all and if thats true then they used someone like me so that meens they used others like myself,,,,,,,,,and if that be then its realy going to hit the fan now, because following the time line the cultures involved as well s bloodlines and such.....oh it gets deap but then that prophetic stuff and maybe an elder of learning in many ways can explain it better that i ,

posted on May, 3 2009 @ 11:52 PM
and for those not in the know Duncan had an attack on his family.

That attack was shortly after i contacted him, so i dont know if it had to do with scarring him from me or not but it scarred me and i did not want to draw more attention in his dirrction in my stuff untill i felt safe to even consider being in a similar situation if that makes sense.

You see i realized a while back what i was dealing with and the type of knowledge my programer and such had to have as well as what iremember some having, and it all surrounded the spiritual realm wich entails a very diffent areana yet mine is also physical,,,,,,,i gues you could say mother nature took a liking to me as well as the thunderbiengs(lakota teaching, of the four dirrections),,,,,,,and just accepting that was frightfull,,,,,,,but that is part of the programing i have ot overcome,,,,,,,,like i said i delt with masons, druids,native americans,goverment pcycics,remote veiwere, etc,,,,,it was almost as if they passed me around like a spiritual gangbang and that is how i feal is raped,,,,,,,oh but the gentetic breeding programs are another story,,,,,,,,,,,,but ya i was passed around and basicly data mined is the best way i could put it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,one guy even wanted to cut me open thinking that they put the scrolls from the celestine prophecy story in my stomach, because he couldnt figure out how i know what the insights are before even knowing about the book,,,,,,,,,,,uhoh what if Duncan is a physical versoin and i am a spiritual, what would happend if people like us began to work together to learn about what we truly are,,,,,,,,,,,,ever consider taht you may have bin ingibited rather than enhanced,,,,,,

There you have it part of why some of it doesnt make sense is Duncan and others as myself were already advanced or whatever and some of our programing was to inhibit us for use only as they saw fit,,,,,,,,,,ever hear of indigo. Acupunture playse a role in this some chips and such are kinda like a router in a sense.

posted on May, 3 2009 @ 11:56 PM
link has a person with the same abilities, but he sounds like he is a more powerful psychic assassin.

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 12:26 AM
it is also funny that we do look very similar,,,,,,,,,,,but your arms are about as big around as my body,,,,,,,,it is a bit eary,,,,,,,,must be a scotish/irish native american thing,,,,,,,,,it also makes sense thati would be smaller and trained not only in the programing but also in my normal life,,,,,,,,,i spent many years teaching and performing cerimony as well as helping in cerimony,,,,,,,,,,,,my role was as helper and fill in for every cerimony,,,,,,i had a very strange set of responsobilitys and authority,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what i found later was whati was doing in the lakota cerimonys was very simlar to my celtic ansestory then after several years learning and doing over 150 sweats yearly and other cerimonymy great aunt passed and i was told who she was,,,,,,,,,,,then a few years ago i found an intersting no solicitation stamp on my birth certificate,,,,,,,,,,,,,,as it happens my cousin the same age as i was adoptedout ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,he or i am yankton grandchildof sitting bull,,,,,,,,,,,,to my knowledge i am just abit apache or iraqui(white mountain reservation is all i was told) on dads side.

But then just the Celtic side is a family from myth and legend not known to exist for sure until 1997,,,,the family itself only knew of kinship to some unknown king that shakespeare used his name in a fictional story and that was all that was known, then i found out around 2002-2003 after serveral not so nice attempts by others to covertly solicit information,,,,,,,,i only could pay attention to what they were doing after all it was dangerous,,,,,,all i knew is they treated me like i was either an enemy or manchurian canidate then when it got bad the only thing i could do was warn them as say im not what you think i am im differnt, what i am is far more dangerous trust me, my gifts only protect yet they can become weapons please dont cause it to become war.

I kept saying i can heal and that can become something else just as potent yet destructive,,,,,,,,,,,,like i said i come from what some would call mythical or even magical people from every side and it is funneled right down to me and i have to accept it weather i want to or not, it was also said my people could provide a spiritual protection for there warriors and they were protected themselves by even a coutner attack when attacked and there is no telling what form it may take yet after several thousands of years it is noticible, and when its noticible in ones own life time ya get a bit skitish and what to wear a sing saying just dont mess with me and all will be well,,,,,it is exhausting to absorbe all of the energy of attacks being sent back, like i said i have to channel it away, doesnt matter if its spiritual, emotional or physical, even finacial as ive found out, but when im attacked if i dont go into what if bin programed to do then it can get bad,,so in a way ive not only bin slowly breaking my programing but ive also bin weening those from the attacks, because when i channel it away it als obenifits them just as the celestine prophecy storys talk about,,,,,,,,,,but ive also seen what happens when get realy focused and such,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,sorry to write so much it is just that there is much to be explored and set in motion.

So there you have it and maybe that is why after the towers were hit i just kept thinking all i have is talent(eerie),and my spiritual training and knowledge then i began to realize it was allot more than i thought,,,,as well as i came more and more out of iti was also doing what i could to help on the war on terror of which i had allot of success but then again someone in the know took advantage and began the memorie erase procedures,,,funny thing though it was in the same house that i think it happend in earleir in my early 20's or late teens,but there was also my own writting next to someones graphity where i rememberd being drugged and prepped for a procedure of pain, heck it was my bedroom the last time i was there,proof i had to stare at it.

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 12:57 AM
So there you have it part of what happend just a year or few before i first heard Duncan s story,,,,,,,,,,,,,and after what i had bin through ohboy.

You see i ended up living where i underwent torture and such, then because of strange memories and flashes i looked in a closet that had pipe runint up and down in it to one side with a bench,,,,,,and tack paper used for cupboards on the wall like wall paper so i took some down and saw the graphity i remberd as well as my initials and a date, i remember writing it as well as i put other little things in the grphiti becase even though i was drugged i knew hos suspciouse i could be so i also knew i had to put enough of my personal markings in it to convince me because the whole time i knew i was going to lose my memory,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i also remember i could not tell them or anyone the secret as to why im realy hear no matter what or all would be lost,,,,,,,,,,,,,the only chance was to do what i could do and pray and leave markers to spark memories and perform certain self hypnosis techniques to create memorie markers that would bug me and let me know when i saw something to do with it,,,,,,,,,,,,,and also a very stand out memorie was always to shut it down,,,,,,,,,,,,there is a program that must be shut down, and being told its killing us,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so imagine going on ambeint memories, then somehow ending up where a crime was commited and i was tortured as well as having to have faith,,,,,,,,,,in i dont know what maybe it was my training on shutting it down and not giving up even if my memory was lost,,,,,,,,,heck the crazy part is my mom moved there and i ended up renting the cottage in the back from her years after she moved in,,,,,,,,,,,.
So imagine what she went through when i started to have flash backs and wondering whe exactly was involved or who had become involved while i was away and without memory,,,,,,,and who knows maybe i got back just in time,,,,,,,,,,there are layers of programing and part of that is in communities, its like sub-communities of different programed classes and such,,,,,,,,,and it can be interesting to break it, then the programers become pretty much sore thumbs as far as i can tell,,,,,,but then some are not even the originators of it, they just kinda hacked in it is very interesting like i said, sorry dont meen to scare ya but hay the anti-virus program has bin initiated and is becoming more and more effective,,,,,,,like i said some of the originators are gone,,,,,then there are the ones the slipped into the woodwork after all the shredded documents in 1973.

One of the best rememdys is be yourself, be an individual, embrace your emotions dont hide them so much,, see the path your emotions take and how if you burry them and dicount them and see how that can be manipulated and how ambient emotions are attached by neroliguistic programing induce crap,,,,,,,,,ya know like i cause ya to get all squily and then come around you smelling like fresh baked cookies like grandma made and gain you undying confidence.

But then i have bin through allot of this,,,,,,,,,i was even asked why i had not succumbed to there tactics when i was a teen, i kept that a secret, you see someone else did a bit of failsafe safegaurd type teaching and programing when i was real young. So in reality it is kinda funny because of there incessant attacks on me i know my enemy realy well, probley even better than it knows itself.
it realy messed them up when i told them i knew of the fisherking story and what it means, and why they cant hurt me dirrectly

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 01:18 AM
So, here I am about an hour ago, outside smoking a cigarette when suddenly, I remembered the Duncan O'Finioan interviews that I saw a couple years back. I remembered the parts where he said his kicks are about 145mph in speed, but especially when he said he ran straight through a wall and I broke out into a bout of uncontrollable laughter and I nearly passed out from laughing so hard.

Not that any of that has to do with this post, but I thought I'd include it

I know this is an old thread but I found it using google. Something else I've stumbled upon is an old interview or two of Duncan.

If you take a look at the link it includes xray pictures of an implant in his hand, supposedly.

Something else that caught my eye is that this website seems to be run by Duncan himself, along with someone named Nina. Scroll down somewhere on the site and you'll see what I mean.

As for the story and whether or not it's credible, I'm trying to keep an open mind here.

Here's a rather recent conference that Duncan and the other older guy gave.

And actually, here's his site. That has a lot of interesting stuff on it.

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posted on Nov, 22 2009 @ 11:23 PM
Anyone have any more thoughts on this stuff?

posted on Nov, 23 2009 @ 04:07 PM
I have met Duncan face to face about a year ago. We come from either the same project or ones very close to the same. We share a lot of the same memories and i even was at the same hardware store in Ky that he talks about in one of his interviews.
He and i are the same age and born the same month and share very simuler heritage.I am half Cherokee and half Scotish. As to him proving some of the things he claims,,,some of the abilities are conected to one or several of the personalities that are programmed in so they are only accessable when in that personality.Also some of the things he talks about sound unreal but if you could talk to him you would see that it is not as far fetched as it sounds just reading type.You have probobly read or heard stories of people that have lifted cars of people in auto acedents or things like that? That is somewhat the same type thing but it is just more refined.He is not bragging like some think and in fact if he or any of the rest of us that have been through this had a choise we would gladly rather be just like everyone else.He only talks about it publiclly to bring to light what the gov has done to unwilling innocent children and is more than likely still doing in some form.I know and talk to a group of others that all share the same history and i can say that it is not pleasent and makes a normal life all but impossible for most of us.I come across lots of posts by other victims on boards like this.Most are very afraid to talk much to others about it. It is also real hard to get other victims to meet face to face as i have with Duncan.It is very clear our handlers do not want us to be together for some reason.If we talk much or try to meet we get harrased, followed, phone calls,, computers hacked, have cars that sit and watch our house.Some times even worse as in Duncans case.It does look like they are only trying to scare us most of the timeas if they wanted us ead that would not be a real problem for them to do. I see there is another of us following this thread too.Sometimes it is easy to spot one by the way they type.It is hard to concentrate and type about this stuff so often you find yourself recounting things in an almost trance like state that comes out as sort of rambling and may be hard for others to follow. Lots of us have certain everyday things that are hard for us to do that normal people just take for granted also. My mind tends to be black and white about most things so spelling is hard for me, i tend to spell like it sounds and i know english doesnt work out that way,lol.

posted on Nov, 25 2009 @ 01:32 AM
I've asked a personal friend what he thinks of the whole Duncan thing and he said his gut reaction was that it's the biggest load of BS he's ever seen anyone spout. However, to me, there was an overbearing amount of sincerity coming from him in the interviews I've seen. I still go with my gut feeling on it. That's just what I got from it.

I may have said that I laughed, but it's really just my sense of humor. It's kind of like how Duncan smiled and laughed when his older friend from Vietnam said how he reacts to certain things.

One last comment: I've seen pictures of the implant in his hand, but what about the pictures of his skull where the tiny object that looks like a grain of rice is implanted in his brain? I recall him saying multiple times that he's got pictures of it but I haven't seen them.

posted on Nov, 26 2009 @ 04:06 PM
reply to post by rdube02

I never heard of Project Talent, but I have long thought that I was possibly selected as a test subject in a program which fits that description.

I grew up in Walker Valley NY and went to school in neighboring Pine Bush NY where a huge UFO flap occurred between the 1970s and 1990s. These are some milestones associated with it:

1. About 24 cats and dogs disappear from Montgomery NY, a nearby town in the early 80s. Over the next 20 years many wierd occurences involving wildlife and "strange animals that don't belong occur througout the region, including animals with robotic parts roaming around, etc.

2. People report seeing all kinds of UFOs including the famous Black Triangles. Through the 80s and 90's.

3. Stewart Airforce Base and numerous other military installations exist nearby.

4. The government has been buying up land in the nearby valley connecting it all up into a chain. Some people suspect secret underground labs/bases/etc.

5. The government tries very hard to win public acceptance for the contruction of a subterranean supercollider. It is defeated...but then people hear all kinds of noises coming from underground in farmer's fields at night etc.

Anyway, it certanly seems that the government was doing wierd stuff around here. I moved there in 1985 with a strange feeling that something extraordinary was about to happen to me. I became with a number of people who tipped me off on some strange experiences they had. Afterf a year or so living there I bnegan to feel like I was being somehow watched sometimes. I noticed wierd things, like fly-bys of airforce F-15s right over my nieghborhood. Sometimes I would wake up in tghe morning with something of the likeness of a dream still firmly in my mind, but I felt it was somehow still "right there", almost tangible. It was like a vision inside my mind, and usually of some small group of guys just behind an invisible window in my room, looking at me and taking notes! They were classic scientist types, with white coats, glasses, etc.. I was 13 at the time. I also used to get feelings that I was being remotely examined by unseen eyes and ears. Studied and judged, like a lab rat being tested for it's level of intelligence. These feelings gradaully subsided over the next few years. I eventually moved to another town about 20 miles away and the feelings subsided completely. It was only after I moved away that I began to become interested in UFOs and conspiracies and stuff like that. Then the things that I experienced in Walker Valley and Pine Bush really started to click. Something that DID happen when I moved away is that I started to hear wierd clicks and sounds on the telephone (landline) frequently in the middle of a someone else was there listening in. That went on for about a year and also eventually subsided. I had one final scary episode when I was aparently acosted in my bed late at night by an unseen force. I was paralyzed and saw lights in my room. There was a wind blowing through my blanket but somehow it clung close to my body. I got angry and something inside me told me that anger was a good reponse. I nursed the feeling into a vicious fury and I felt whatever it was let me go. I jumped up screaming "Get out! Get out!" And that was the end of all of that. That was back in 1996. Since then my life has been normal.

Today, the more I read about things like psy-ops and remote viewing, what happened to me seems like something related. Sometime around 1987, Walker Valley was selected as the potential site for a supercollider project. It was petetitioned out by the residents so the government moved their interest elsewhere...or did they? Supposedly they broke ground on it on some land they already owned. Now it occurs to me that it wasn't really even a supercollider. So what were they really doing there?

posted on Nov, 27 2009 @ 03:03 PM
Here is a confrence comeing up where Duncan and some otherswill be speaking.

posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 03:26 PM
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posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 07:42 PM
do anyone know Robert Duncan O'Finioan email so i could contact him?
please help

posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 07:47 PM
does anyone have his email address

posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 07:47 PM
does anyone have his email address

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 02:50 AM
Here is the link to his web site,,there is a place to contact him on his site.
He hasa lot going on right now so it may take a while to get a reply from him.
Also be aware he has took a lot of crap from people by going public. He seems to have a diffrent plan on getting info out right now i think,rather than posting on sites like this with all the debunkers. He does hear from a good many others that are from simuler government programs though. As far as proving anything,,,,he isnt really trying to prove anything,,just trying to get the word out so hopefully it will help puta stop to this type thing happening to others.If it was absolutly provable we would just take it to court.They dont call it a black project for nothing.I havesaid this before,,,it may sound real far out when reading it,,but if you could talk face to face with people that have been there it would not sound so far fetched.And like a lot of other black projects,,there is a lot of disinfo out there andsome of that is by people that are still under control and dont even realize they are doing it.I have talked to a good many others in the past that were part of the same type programs and i can tell you it is not rare at all,,thereare lots of us.Most will not talk about it online and most are afraid to talk much even face to face.For one thing many ofus have memories of being involved in things that can get you put in prison even though we had no choice in what was going on.Also,,if the gov wanted to shut us up for talking too much,,it would be one of us that would come to take care of it and most know that.So that fear too makes most uncomfortable talking to other victims.Then,,there area few of us that just dont give a damn what happens to us anymore.It gets real old liveing with the nightmars and broken memories after a while.

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 03:47 AM
So after 6 years there is no verified x-ray of his arm or head, no verified demonstration of his power, no movie deal etc.

So just another hoaxer

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