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We'll never borrow, but what if.......

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posted on Dec, 21 2006 @ 05:10 PM
...We applied here what others have gestated for their own populace & it's betterment? I had a chance recently, oddly too, to read the Venezuelan Constitution, circa 1999 ( yeah, esoteric is sometimes my middle name!
). Here's some of the salient points:

Article 132 states that "everyone has the duty to fulfill his or her social responsibilities through participation in the political, civic, and community life of the country with the goal of promoting and protecting human rights as the foundation of democratic coexistence and social peace."
Article 133 repeals forcible recruitment into the armed forces, but recognizes everyone’s duty to perform civilian or military service as may be necessary for the defense, preservation, and development of the country.

Now this is neither an exultation of Hugo & the Boys or a damnation fully of McUSA, but rather a wish to see what was applied by my football coach as a kid & my trainers in MA when things were such a rudimentary CLUSTER......get back to the basics & fundamentals.
Else, we're going through another music set dancing to the same 2 party 2 step.

(Hope y'all still get *rants* up in here! )

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