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NBA too tough on suspensions?

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posted on Dec, 21 2006 @ 02:33 PM
Hello sports fans-

In his post about the decline of the NY Knicks, Djarums mentioned this incident which left Carmelo Anthony suspended for 15 games and commissioner David Stern in another tough spot.

The brawl began after Knick's guard Mardy Collins grabbed Denver's J.R. Smith as he was going for a layup late in the game. Things only escalated from there as New York's Nate Robinson and Smith flew into the first row while fighting and Anthony connected with a punch at Collins.

You might have heard the remarks made by George Karl following the incident and New York coach Isiah Thomas possible role in instigating the whole thing. Forget about all that. I'm wondering if you think the NBA is taking this incident too seriously?

As we know fights are just part of game when one is talking Hockey. They happen in football and baseball alot too. So why the huge suspensions when it comes to basketball and the NBA? Are these suspensions justified in your opinion? And furthermore, are these punishments a reflection of the 2004 Malice at the Palace?

The truth is that Stern's punishment is very much the result of the 2004 Pacer-Piston incident... and it's a bit more. Both brawling episodes have to do with the nature of basketball. That is, the fans are in much closer proximety to the players than any of the other sports mentioned. It is for this reason that Stern's punishment seems so uh stern.

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