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West Ham United: One step away!

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posted on Apr, 23 2006 @ 01:03 PM
I knew we'd make it to the final, may be going if we can get tickets. Great goal from harewood & I wish our boys luck for the final, If we win it, I will name my first son after the scorer, lets hope its not shaka hey, hope fully it will be Dean or Bobby. I'd rather not call him Nigel, Hayden, Yossi or marlon to be honest but I will keep my word. I can't wait
:party-smiley-018: C'm on u hammers


posted on Apr, 23 2006 @ 05:40 PM
Fantastic result, i have been waiting for 26 years for this to happen again.. If i can find the pictures in the next few days i'll post me as a young boy at the 1980 FA Cup final when we beat Arsenal.

What a game, although it was the semi-final, it was our final. It guarentees us European football and should generate 10million for just getting there. We got nearly 1mill for todays game and will get more for the final. One good thing is that now Pardew will have a minimum of 15million to spend for next season as that was the agreement if we got to the final and in europe!

I was biting my nails in the first half and we could have gone 1-0 down, but second half we just upped a gear and was unlucky not to get an early goal in the 2nd half. But all credit to Harewood, he scored a great goal to get us through. Pardew wont be let off for his celebration wiggle and we definatly deserve to be in the final.

Not sure if we can win it as Liverpool are in great form, but the FA Cup is the magical cup where dreams can come true.

As for tickets, you'll be very lucky to get some. West Ham have an allocation of 30thousand tickets... There is over 20thousand season ticket holders who get first option, a couple of thousand bond holders who get next option and the the members club, about 8thousand members get 3rd option. So they will most proberly take up the full aloocation and there wont be any going out on general sale, like it was for the play-off final. But if you fall into one of the three catogories you will get a ticket and its just 1 per person. I could have bought two today for 650 each but im not paying that much...

posted on Apr, 23 2006 @ 06:27 PM
GOOD LUCK, you guys!!!

posted on Apr, 25 2006 @ 02:29 PM
I werent sure who was going to win the game, Middlesbrough have recently upped there game and to think back in January Arsenal hammered them 7 nil?

Not sure what will happen in the final, i think Liverpool will really want to get a trophy, especially since this is their only hope this time around but West Ham, getting here is quite suprising in my opinion. So i think getting to the final is better than anyone expected them to do.

Are you going to be missing any players in the final? through suspension? i aint who got booked the other day if any.

Good stuff about the transfer kitty, that will give you more than enough to buy Du Wei, Virgo, Dublin and Telfer from Celtic

posted on Apr, 25 2006 @ 03:46 PM
When will the championship game be played?


posted on Apr, 26 2006 @ 03:58 PM
Rynaldo.. Hayden Mullins will most proberly miss the final as he got sent off tonight in the 2-1 league defeat against Liverpool. But everyone else should be good to go.

You dont think we want the trophy bad and Liverpool want it more?

We havnt won a major trophy since 1980 when John Lyall was manager. He died the other day and it was a great loss to football. He was most proberly our most successfull manager, highest ever league position, 2 FA Cups in 75', 80.. Charity shield, League Cup and ECWC runners up.. Only Ron Greewood did just as good and he died a few weeks ago, but look who he had playing under him, the 1966 world cup boys, he took us to a FA Cup victory and ECWCup victory..

So the players, club, fans want to do it for them, we aint going to lay down and roll over - - NO WAY!

Our name is on the cup, look at what has happened. We play Blackburn in the league and lose, draw them in the FA Cup round and beat them. We play Bolton in the league and lose, then next we play them in the FA Cup round and win. We play Man City in the league and lose, then we play them in the FA Cup Quater finals and win. We play Middlesborugh in the league and lose, then we play them in the FA Cup semi-final and win. We play Liverpool in the league today and lose and next game against them is the FA Cup final.........

Gibbs its being played on Saturday the 13th of May, 3pm GMT kick-off.....

posted on Apr, 27 2006 @ 03:10 AM
I was thinkin that today, about loosin in the league & that. It wasnt a bad result leaguewise actually & I think we can definately do it, RIP greenwood & lyall, u did us proud, now it's Pardews turn. I've never seen west ham win a major in my life as I'm only 17 & it wd be a dream come true, I have promised that if we win, I will name my first son after the goal scorer(s), lets hope its something normal like Dean or Bobby, or matty even, or will it be Dean Bobby Matthew Roberts as one. lets hope so, 3-1 west ham my prediction, I'm not normally like that I just think we actually can do that, we have the team, the manager, the fans, we may never get a better chance so LETS DO IT!:loudhorn:

posted on Apr, 27 2006 @ 10:20 AM
Yeah, i seen Hayden Mullins and some Liverpool guy got sent off the other night, though both managers want the ref to change his mind and let them play. I think its highly unlikely this will happen though.

And good stuff you wrote up TRD, i see your keyboard skills aint went rusty hehe. Noticed yuo didnt want take me up on the Celtic sales haha.

And it is spooky about the getting beat in the league and winning in the cup situation. I seen both teams were not at full strength the other night too, Liverpool without Gerrard and Alonso etc, and West Ham without Ashton and Harewood etc. So the final will be a total different game.

What was the West Ham Liverpool score before xmas?

And i am assuming Liverpool wil be the favs, so i would imagine it would suit you to be the underdogs. Especially with your ex manager passing away, a team being the under dogs and have an extra reason to really go out and perform sounds like a dangerous combo


posted on Apr, 27 2006 @ 02:14 PM
If i remember rightly i think we got beat 2-0 by Liverpool in the first game.

Well i do get a bit carried away and Liverpool will be favourites, but i'm the same as Hammerboy, i think we can actually go out and win it. We have a fighting chance and everyone will be up for it for sure. I won't be disappointed if we lose as Liverpool are a very good side and for us to get to the final is a great achievement after what has happened to us in the last few seasons.

I just hope that for people like Hammerboy and thousands of others who havnt seen West Ham win anything of substance that they can do it.

To get tickets to the final is going to be almost impossible, as its been said that our allocation is 23,500 for the final and the season ticket holders will snap them up. So i think i will be having a East End party for final day!

Hammerboy.... lets just hope they dont bring on Katan and he scores the winner!

I just took this picture of my West Ham 1980's cup final program, match ticket and my signed limited edition print of the legend Trevor Brooking scoring the goal in the final against Arsenal... Its got a bit of a glare of the flash and you can see some of the spotlights in my basement in the top left hand corner but it looks damm good lol! I have so much West Ham memorabilia that i have collected over the past 30 years that im running out of room to put it, some of the items im puting up in the charoty event for the cystic fibrosis that im staging later on this year but i wont part with my special items, like my booby moore signed testimonial program..

posted on Apr, 27 2006 @ 03:50 PM
I found an article on the BBC website saying the Club aint happy about the ticket allocation for the West Ham fans

I guess you will be hoping Crouch starts the game for Liverpool. Sometimes with them, they play really good like against Chelsea the other day, in the 1st half they were miles better but sometimes i think they dont look that great. They always seem to sneak the wins and things but they are defintly beatable. The only thing is they aint the team that would lose by alot of goals so no matter what, its going to be a close one.

Lets hope Calamity James doesnt do his old club any favourss

West Ham are unhappy with their 23,500 ticket allocation for the FA Cup final against Liverpool in Cardiff on 13 May.

The Hammers hope it ensures every club bond-holder and season-ticket holder can attend but it is unlikely tickets will be available to club members.

A club statement said: "The size of the allocation is a major disappointment after the allocation of almost 34,000 for our two recent play-off finals.



posted on May, 3 2006 @ 05:41 PM
There was riots at the ground today and stuff as people tried to get tickets. I havnt read the reports yet but it was on Sky Sports earlier. There is going to be alot of unhappy fans about..

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