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West Ham United: Zamoras goal worth 35 Million!!

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posted on Jun, 5 2005 @ 05:46 AM
Bobby Zamora's play-off winner was worth 35million to West Ham, according to football finance experts. The Hammers returned to the Premiership after a two-year absence following Zamora's strike last week at the Millennium Stadium which snatched victory from Preston, a vital win as the London side would have stopped receiving parachute payments.

Clubs relegated from the top flight receive a share of television money for two years to help adjust with the loss of revenue, known as parachute payments. Along with the 20million the Hammers will receive from extra revenue for being in the top flight, the parachute payments if they get relegated means a season in the Barclays Premiership is worth 35million.


posted on Jun, 5 2005 @ 09:42 AM
that sure is alot of money and hey, are you tempting fate saying 35 million cos that means they are going down

hopefully that helps add more money towards the transfer funds and helps the manager bring in 4 or 5 players


posted on Jun, 5 2005 @ 03:20 PM
Hey if i am resigned to going down and we stay up. think how happy i would be..

Yeah that is a huge amount and Pardew is getting 20 million to spend on players including wages... So with that will go he should be able to bring in some decent ones.

posted on Jun, 5 2005 @ 03:52 PM
yip. if hes getting that amount of money to spend i dont see any reason why he wouldnt be able to challenge for Celades, unless hes demanding silly money which could happen, he is used to luxury clubs.

it think its safe to say, there will be players coming in.

is there any talk of players going out, cos.. if that does happen and few players leave they will need to be replaced and squad depth at this league is important.

i dont really know Pardew, can he buy the right players?


posted on Jun, 5 2005 @ 04:30 PM

Players that should be shown the door are...

Hutchinson, Lomas, Brevett, Rebrov, Melville, Mackay, Possibly Repka...

I've been mulling over who we need and things look bleak.

Although Mullins played well in the latter part of the season he is a bit ordinary, he wasn't good enough for Palace in the Championship when we bought him and i don't think he will make the step up.

The midfield doesn't score enough goals and won't do much better in the prem. We definatly need a playmaker in midfield and someone else that can score goals, plus a big striker to hold the ball up. Chris Cohen has to come into the equation in midfield, he looks quite a good prospect..

Our defence is looking slightly better but we don't have enough experience at the back. Powell is old, Dailly keeps getting injured, Repka could be gone... Leaves us with 3 rapidly improving defenders.. Ferdinand, Elliot Ward, and Trent Mccllehan.. But they lack badly in experience...

Plus we need a keeper badly ... Walker and Bywater are ok but they just aint Prem standard. There is a young keeper in France called Andreas Isaksson who playes for Rennes, he looks a damm good prospect and they could go for him before a big club snatch him up.

If i was Pardew i would be looking to take Hoyte, Glen Johnson on loan and pushing the boat out to get them. Plus signing Davenport would be a good move. Voltz is a solid player in defence and we could get him quite cheaply from Fulham. Or make a move for Young at Charlton.. At 2.5 million i think we missed the boat with Bent and he would have been a good signing.. We have a good crop of youngsters comming through again but what we need is some experience...

posted on Jun, 5 2005 @ 04:41 PM
Hutchinson, hes an alright player, nothing special but cant he do that role you are talking about, holding the ball up as a striker?

Lomas must be nearly 36 i would imagine, hes been on the go for ages and maybe thats where the Bowyer talk is coming in, both in the same position and it would be a great replacement!

Brevett is getting old too, he would be found out and you can just imagine Robben, Reyes or Ronaldo running at him, he would be terminated.

The 3 central defenders you mentioned are all pretty slow so som1 with pace at the back would be good. but as you say, 3 young defenders aint going to have experience so maybe trying to hold onto one of the experienced ones. A few seasons back i would have said Melville but hes too slow now so i dunno.

Celades would be the ideal man for this midfield slot you are talking about, what about a bit for Smicer? an attacking option in midfield.

i have heard of Isakasson, am sure he was in sweden at one point and Juventus snapped him up but never gave him a game but like you say, you would need to be quick on that one

Glen Johson does sound like a good move, would the fans welcome him back without any problems? i aint sure about Hoyte, i think arsenal might give him more games this season.

Bonissesl was released by fulham the other day so i wonder if a bid wil come in for him, it will be a free and hes a left back and it sounds that a position thas being looked at.


posted on Jun, 5 2005 @ 04:51 PM
Good points...

Hutchinson has been sucking money off us for too long, 25 grand a week and he wouldn't take a pay cut..

Smicer would be a good signing but i wouldn't have thought he would come to us. But we might get Celedes... We have Ludek Miklosko still at the club as goalkeeper coach, remember him? He has had his eye on some young keeper from where he is from or around them parts so i think we may get a new keeper at some point. Johnson would be welcomed back for sure, he didn't ask to go, he got sold to cover costs.. I wonder if Parker would be available if Chelsea don't want to sell him..

With them players going i mentioned, that should cut the wage bill by easily 3-4 million a year, so out of the 20 million he should be able to get 6 players and pay there wages...

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