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Chelsea: Drogba Yellow Card overturned

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posted on Sep, 13 2004 @ 02:34 PM
Referee Rob Styles has rescinded the yellow card shown to Chelsea's Didier Drogba for allegedly diving during Saturday's goalless draw with Aston Villa at Villa Park. Styles changed his mind after watching video replays of the incident in which Drogba went down in the area under a challenge from Ulises De La Cruz.

Styles was satisfied that there was no attempt by Drogba to deceive him according to the Football Association's website. The booking will not be recorded on Drogba's disciplinary record.

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho was highly critical of Styles after the match. Mourinho insisted the Blues should have had a penalty and Drogba should not have been cautioned.

It's about time some of these decisions got overturned, there certainly was some bad ones at the weekend. The Arsenal game was one and they seem to have all the luck lately. They should have been 2-0 down and had a man sent off if the referee had made the RIGHT decision....

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