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European: Desailly could return to the prem

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posted on Feb, 13 2005 @ 04:43 PM

French legend Marcel Desailly has admitted he could yet return to play in England.

The former Chelsea star moved to Qatar in the summer when he signed for Al Gharafa after moves to Barcelona and Celtic failed to materialise.

Desailly struggled badly with injuries during his final season in The Premiership, particularly his knee, but he admits he could return if he is fully fit.

posted on Feb, 16 2005 @ 03:31 PM
Personaly i cant see it. I cannot see how he would be an asset to any team in the premiership, hes slow and sluggish and is past his peak

posted on Feb, 16 2005 @ 06:22 PM
yer, i cant see it happening, hes past it.

in england, you need pace, its a fast league and he aint got that.

if he was in a team, which was a match where it was just about physcial side and that sorta game, long ball. yer, he would do well at it.

game when its played to feet and fast movement, there would be major question marks


posted on Feb, 17 2005 @ 01:03 PM
"He could yet return to the prem"

Who would want him? He is too old and i think he meant to say, please someone sign me.. He is hoping someone will sign it but it just won't happen...

posted on Feb, 18 2005 @ 03:42 PM
He would even weaken Norwiches defence, which is almost impossible, considering the regular 3-0 and 4-0 hammerings they get away from home

posted on Feb, 18 2005 @ 05:32 PM
hehe. woah! we are giving him a hard time.

sometimes, playesrs who have been amazing, playing on for too long when they are past it, makes them look so bad and its kinda embarrsing i reckon

posted on Feb, 18 2005 @ 05:40 PM
Apart from super Dennis Bergkamp, almost 36 years young and still playing brilliantly!

posted on Feb, 18 2005 @ 05:55 PM
arsenal are supposed to be looking at him hehe

desailly was recently spotted in a french resturant along with arsene wenger and the players agent, sparking talk of a transfer to the premiership team


posted on Feb, 19 2005 @ 07:00 PM

lol i know your joking, still beats Senderos' performance today, that was dreadful

posted on Feb, 19 2005 @ 07:16 PM
i guess the thing with senderos is....hes still got youth and plenty more years ahead of him. where as, desailly is passed it and still wants to kick a ball.

yer, i thought it was a good wind up


posted on Feb, 20 2005 @ 08:12 AM
Berkamp is an exception, you get players like him come along once in awhile. Zola did it so did Tony Adams. To be that old and still playing top flight football is amazing, there fitness levels must be really high...

posted on Feb, 20 2005 @ 08:19 AM
good point there TRD,

goalkeepers seem the best at playing on for years and years. most likely due to them doing the least running about and conserving energy.

going for like for like, with desailly here, you said of adams. and he went on for a good amount of years, what age did he retire at, 35/36?

he wasnt the fastest defender, just a leader. and desailly, is of something similar.

is desially as old as that? at best then, i think its looking, he could have 1 final year in the premiership. but i think hes a gamble, and there will be big wages involved due to his reputation

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