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European: Blatter is a U turn

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posted on Dec, 19 2004 @ 05:59 PM
Blatter changes his mind about backing players to walk of the pitch if they are being faced with racist chanting etc

"It would be a dangerous precedent if players walked off themselves because only the referee or the match commissioner can stop a game," Blatter said on Sunday.

The Fifa supremo believes that public humiliation should be employed in combating racism.

"What we should do in such a situation is stop the game, identify the people involved in this kind of foul situation, they should be taken out onto the field and they should be booed by the rest of the spectators.

"In Britain, you have the video cameras at the matches and you could therefore do this.

"You could identify them and send them into the middle of the field in front of the public."

he has also made some kind of new rule

Meanwhile, Blatter has also confirmed that players will now be allowed to move twice in a year, if they fulfil certain criteria

Blatter said a player could be loaned to two different clubs in succession during a season if he had only trained and not played in any matches for his original club between loans.


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