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European: Italian Football

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posted on Dec, 4 2004 @ 06:29 PM
What is up with italian football at the moment? It seems there are 3 decent teams in Juventus, AC and Inter Milan, everyone else has gone to pieces.
Even worse is the demise of Roma and Lazio, both knocked out of european competition and both struggling in the lower reaches of Serie A.
Is it all to do wiith money why this has happened or something else?

posted on Dec, 5 2004 @ 06:28 AM
good question dilly,

i think the money they used to spend in italy is not what it used to be like. that was the money league

i think with AC milan and Juventus, they are the real big two there. ac milan in the early 90s where amazing with van basten, gullit etc and just won everything

and juventus have been in there alot within the last few years for challenging the leauge. i think they won it (seria a) a few years back. inter milan have always been the nearly team, there chairman morrati is mega rich, spends alot of money but never wins anything lol.

roma where good, when Capello took control there was stories of him wanting to buy buffon the keeper, who was at parma at the time but joined juve instead. that was supposively over money, the roma chairman wouldnt spend it. so they bought a guy called pelizoli. i think there was a similar issue with a defender, i think they wanted cannavaro from parma too but he joined inter and now at juventus. but capello took charge and he won the league, he made roma a force i think to be honest. and came 2nd the next season. and then in the 3rd i think the dipped a bit till he left

but his track record was amazing everywhere he been, won the european cup as it was called in the 90s with milan along with the league, i think the did it 2 or 3 times, then he went to real madrid, won the league and am not sure if it was still the champions league then but he won that too. then at roma and he at juve now and top of the league

lazio have crumbled, i think they where spending more than they should have, not sure if it was when swen left they crumbled. and roberto mancini took control. and he was good with them, but he has left now to manage inter.

i dont know about lazio to much at the moment, i dont know who is there manager lol. with roma though they got a guy called del neri? i think thats how it spelt. and he was at chievo. got promotion from seria B and in the first season, they where at the top end for a long long time, they where a really good seria A team. he left at he at roma now. i think he will get it right

the spannish league now seems to be where the money is outwith the premiership. you got real, barcelona and valencia and depor who always appear in it. i think the italian football had its decline but is now starting to get back on track. with Roma and Lazio. the size of fanbase they have, i think right men in charge with the right approach. they will get back on track

posted on Dec, 5 2004 @ 01:24 PM
Im not too conviced about there being many major players in Italian football for a little while. Basically Lazio and Roma could be heading for a Leeds Utd type scenario possibly i mean Lazio had to buy Paolo Di Canio back to help them out thats how badly it has gone

posted on Dec, 5 2004 @ 04:45 PM
yer. i know what you mean

seen roma play sampdoria tonight and just before the match they did a interview with a player called simone perrotta? i think they bought him from chievo

and he was saying 3 managers in the space of 2 months at the start of the season didnt help.

when you look at there players they have potential to be a great side, cassano, totti, mancini, montella etc

but lazio. i dont recognise as much of there players anymore and di canio wasnt playing this afternoon. they played juve. unlesss he was on the bench i didnt see him. he was a hero there so although it was a cheap deal the fans think alot of him

roma got a draw and lazio got beat.

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