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posted on Dec, 3 2003 @ 04:25 PM
The Reverend Dr. Barry C. Black, Chaplain, United States Senate, offered the following prayer:

Eternal and dependable Creator, giver of the abundant harvest, the refuge of all who flee to You, the helper of those in need and the one sure resource in times of trouble, Lord, thank you for harmonizing the world with seasons and climates, sowing and reaping, color and fragrance.

We praise You, for You are the substance that sustains us in each of life's seasons. In time's rapid passing, remind us of life's brevity and teach us to number our days.

Lord, thank You for all the beauty in our world, for the loveliness of Earth and sea and sky. Thank You for great music and great books, for prose and poetry. Thank You for the nobility You have placed in human hearts, for our military people who love their country until even self is forgotten. Thank You for the Members of this body, who struggle with complex issues and labor for a world at peace. Thank You for loved ones, without whom life would never be the same.

Lord, thank You also for obstacles, delays, challenges, trials, and even enemies that make us stronger. Above all, thank You for Your gift of salvation. Accept this our sacrifice of Thanksgiving and praise, for the sake of Your glorious name. Amen.

House of Representatives - November 25, 2003

posted on Dec, 7 2003 @ 08:49 AM
Amen..Brother...nice prayer.

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