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Boxing: Hopkins nixes De La Hoya rematch

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posted on Nov, 19 2004 @ 11:39 AM

Comment by Anthony Evans: A major Golden Boy Promotions press conference was called and then cancelled earlier this week in Los Angeles, when undisputed middleweight champion Bernard Hopkins withdrew from a surprise rematch with Oscar De La Hoya.

Apparently, the deal was done until Hopkins, his own businessman as well as his own man, decided that the rematch would be all about Oscar again and nixed the whole thing. And I, for one, am happy he did.

Hopkins stopped 'the Golden Boy' in nine rounds in September in the richest fight in years (the defending champion got around $10million while De La Hoya, the superstar, took home three times that amount) in front of a packed MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas. However, when rumours emerged a deal had been done for a return bout in 2005, I was a little baffled.

Although the first fight was a financial success, I'm not sure how excited fight fans would be about any rematch. While De La Hoya was mathematically competitive (one judge even had him, somehow, two points up after eight rounds) no-one who saw the first fight would really believe Oscar could do much better if given a second chance. He was just too small, too underpowered and too slow at 160lbs to have a chance of defeating the Executioner.



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