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stealth, HAARP, chemtrails, genetic-engineering ... and S-4 !

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posted on Nov, 14 2002 @ 06:37 AM
A new wrinkle has been added to the list of projects alleged to have taken place at Papoose Site 4 (S-4). This one involves comparing alien genetic material with its terrestrial counterparts. Bill Hamilton (Skywatch International) and someone named 'BJ Wolf' (Eagles-Disobey) are passing along the story of another whistle-blower -- Cpt. Daniel Burisch (Crain). Some of their more important documents are highlighted under item #10 at .

I have always been perplexed by past reports of "cross-breeding" experiments. Why would the Japanese conduct these tests on Chinese prisoners during the World War? Why would German scientists do the same thing on some of their prisoners? Are they trying to create the perfect soldier? Or seeing if they can biologically eradicate entire races-or-cultures? I don't understand why anyone would put forth such an effort. But then these same researchers were given immunity from war crime trials in exchange for turning their research over to the "winning sides". Why? What good is it?

Unless the "new physics" we keep hearing about in observed UFO phenomena is more based in biology than in engineering. I always thought the keys to successful reverse-engineering efforts lay in new hyperspatial (dimensional) theories, nano-engineering technologies, and perhaps even non-terrestrial elements. But von Braun allegedly made an off-the-cuff comment that the Roswell hull seemed to be more 'organic' than inorganic/metallic. Corso made similar veiled statements in his book.

The Burisch documents are hard-to-read to anyone who doesn't have a good background in medical terminology. But I did see references to HAARP, "morphing"=>'stealth', irreversible time-loops (of Montauk Project fame), chemtrails, mitocydia cellular/viral biology, crystalline tubes on Mars, and quartz crystals (of the type John Keely experimented with / see item #12 at ).

I'm a poor one to judge the validity of such claims as I fall into the 'hard-core engineer' category. If I can't weigh it or measure it, then it can't hurt me or be of any practical use. Tom Mahood once told me regarding fantastic claims from the "fringe" areas: (1) "extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof" and (2) "if something sounds too 'fantastic' to be true, then it is a good rule-of-thumb that it probably is". But age has made me more hesitant to venture opinions about which I'm not qualified ... and so I'm passing the buck to all of you regarding this.

But if this "new physics" has a good portion of its basis in biology rather than conventional science-engineering, then I can readily understand why it would baffle the best minds in the world (see comments made by famed Canadian radio engineer Wilbert Smith in the 1950's concerning UFO examinations at or ).

And of course, some nefarious intellects could be having fun with us and went to a lot of trouble conjuring up such a tale complete with medical facts. They should write new scripts for Hollywood a la Michael Crichton.

If someone thinks the Barisch documents have merit, I'd appreciate a high-level condensation -- without the math, without the medical/biological mumbo-jumbo, without New Age "sacred geometry" and parallel universes that -- if they do exist -- don't seem to affect me in my daily life. Good Luck !!!

posted on Nov, 14 2002 @ 09:59 AM
No merit, in my skeptical opinion.

We've seen all sorts of "reports" of hybridization by people who know very little about genetics. What has NOT been seen -- ever -- is a population that looks human which has a genetic code that's outside the normal variances of "homo sapiens".

You're right, though -- whoever constructed the "autopsy" page certainly knew their microbiology. It's not what one would expect in an autopsy, however -- that should have been gross morphology and not microbiology.

Some of the things that make me think it's a hoax:

1) No such word as "neuronal superflecture" in the medical field.
2) It's darn interesting that in an autopsy they do a blind stick for neurons in a nerve channel and come up with them. Do you know how hard it is to find nerves/neurons on a human even when you know where they're located? And they're not always where you expect them (which is why some of you have trouble at the dentist's office -- takes a lot of sticks to get an area properly numb.)

3) How can they "back engineer" cellular components from dead tissue?

4) There's a lot of verbiage about how the nerves apparently repair themselves... which is interesting because we actually don't know the full mechanism. So how does this ominipotent scientist know all this? Unless they got fresh samples that they're comparing with autopsy samples, some of their comparisons are Just Plain Bunk.

But the science is right. Oh yes. A very hard to debunk hoax.

The Nexus Magazine article is pure bunk by someone who doesn't know much about medicine.

Finally, CSETI should not be confused with SETI (and there appears to be some sort of deliberate confusion intended there, in the hopes that you'll believe them more strongly.)

Interesting. Most interesting. The hoaxes and disinformation are getting more sophisticated.

posted on May, 11 2005 @ 11:31 PM
I bought the HAARP book. I think its called "angels don't play this HAARP" or something to that effect, if I can find it I'll post any info you guys want.

But if I remember correctly, it was extremely technical, I was unsure of exactly what the ionisphere was, and how it could hold a man made electrical charge that would be able to alter peoples thought patterns. But maybe if I'd just put in a little more effort ...

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