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Boxing: Interview: Kostya Tszyu Part 1

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posted on Sep, 7 2004 @ 05:57 PM

By Scoop Malinowski

When you think of Kostya Tszyu, what comes to mind? The great fighter from Russia that now lives in Australia...the unforgettable images of the KO win over Zab Judah...the long streak of masterful wins as junior welterweight champion...married to wife Natasha, father of three (Timophey, Nikita, Anastasia)...the man Angelo Dundee said is the hardest training fighter he ever witnessed?

For such a great fighter, not a whole lot is known about Tszyu. Unlike our other great champions, we do not know much about Tszyu's character, personality, attitudes, or his unique psychology.

Boxing fans are familiar that Bernard Hopkins is the outspoken renegade who wasn't afraid to challenge the system and do it His Way. Boxing fans know Roy Jones is maybe the most amazing talent we ever saw - but his smart business sense may have prevented us from ever witnessing his grandest, most electrifying and defining performance against top competition. We know Oscar as the transcending superstar who just may be the greatest non-heavyweight attraction in boxing history - his fights are events, not just fights. Antonio Tarver is the intelligent and articulate man who plotted for over a decade just how he'd shock the world's greatest fighter...though many people still mistakenly think it was a "lucky punch" and not the genius of Tarver that conquered Roy Jones.

The legacy of Kostya Tszyu (30-1) is not as clear at this moment. So far, his career is a study of near-perfection. Aside from one defeat to Vince Phillips in 1997, Tszyu has seemingly been unbeatable since 1992. Dominant wins over such tough competition as Zab Judah, Diobelys Hurtado, Oktay Urkal, Ben Tackie, Julio Cesar Chavez, Rafael Ruelas, Miguel Angel Gonzalez, Sharmba Mitchell and Jesse James Leija certainly prove it.

Tszyu's next fight will be a big rematch with Sharmba Mitchell in November. Then, looming on the horizon are potential superfights with Arturo Gatti and Floyd Mayweather which should be the grand finale of a great career. Tszyu, who turns 35 this month, says he will only fight for two or three more years.

In this overdue, in-depth interview with Kostya Tszyu, you are about to finally discover a new perspective on one of the most inspirational and extraordinary champions of modern boxing.


posted on Sep, 8 2004 @ 09:32 AM
cool man, i never heard of this guy before now i do

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