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Boxing: King Wants Heavyweight Tournament

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posted on Aug, 13 2004 @ 01:51 PM

The state of professional heavyweight boxing as we speak looks quite grim. In boxing talk, a hot topic has always been: how can boxing be better? There are so many reasons that boxing is on a downhill slide, it's difficult to name them all. But, we just may have our knight emerging from the darkness upon his galliant steed, sword in hand, ready to do whatever it takes to save boxing. This man is Don King. Mr. King has recently brewed up the idea of having a heavyweight tournament, similar to the blueprint used in 2001 where Bernard Hopkins emerged the victor.

Is this the solution to bringing back heavyweight boxing? Many think so. A tournament would crown one supreme heavyweight boxer who would be considered the undisputed heavyweight champ.

"I look at the best, and they got to go out there and do a tournament, so they can win acceptance and prove by merit and ability, and not by the maneuverability of any organization," King said.


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