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Boxing: Freitas-Corrales: Interesting & Unexpected things

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posted on Aug, 11 2004 @ 03:06 PM

By Tom Donelson

Now that I have had 48 hours to think about the Acelino Freitas and Diego Corrales fight, there are some interesting and unexpected things that occurred.

I felt that this fight would be tactical in the beginning and that one fighter would use plan B as oppose to turning this into a toe-to-toe encounter. Diego Corrales, in his second fight with Casamayor, showed that he could adjust from his slugging personality and box. In this fight, it was Freitas who became the boxer.

Freitas moved side-to-side and popped Corrales with effective combinations and on some occasion, stunning him. Freitas had the quicker feet and hands and this neutralize one of the Corrales weapons- the left jab. The left jab was an effective weapon against Casamayor but against the moving Freitas, it was ineffectual. Corrales’ jab missed its target and Corrales forsake the punch. Corrales cut off the ring but he rarely could trap Freitas for long periods and had trouble landing effective combinations.


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