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Boxing: Tyson's Place in boxing history

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posted on Aug, 10 2004 @ 06:35 PM

Tyson's Place in boxing history

by Tom Donelson

How does one place Mike Tyson in perspective as a fighter? There are fighters that most pundits agree on their greatness. Ali and Louis are unanimously considered great fighters, the only debate we have is who was the greater? Then there are fighters where mythology often takes precedence since their days have long past and there are very little films to observe. Jack Dempsey and Jack Johnson are two fighters where myth and written accounts account for our perspective since most, if not, all of the eyewitnesses are dead. Most boxing fans in the early 20th century read about the exploits of these fighters or in the case of Dempsey, listen on radio. Imagination plays a role in their perception and those perceptions have been handed down to us in its original form. The story of Jack Dempsey and Jack Johnson read more like ancient classics than a sport story.


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