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Boxing: One on One with "Vicious" Vivian Harris!

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posted on Jul, 19 2004 @ 01:27 PM

"I guarantee...I'LL SHOW THE WORLD that Ricky Hatton can't take a body shot."

"NOBODY DIDN'T PAY ANYTHING TO GET ME NO RANKING. NO ONE. NO ONE PAID SH**. Vivian Harris fought to get there. I beat Hurtado - I wasn't even no. 1. I FOUGHT TO GET THERE. SO I HAD TO FIGHT TO GET RESPECT...IN MY F****N' DIVISION. And I'm very upset about it. And I'm gonna prove to the world that I'm the best junior welterweight they have. I AM."

WBA Junior Welterweight king "Vicious" Vivian Harris must be an extraordinary champ. Is it a coincidence that Floyd Mayweather, Sharmba Mitchell, Miguel Cotto and Zab Judah all had the chance to take his belt but for one reason or another, never did seize that chance?

In the same way Lennox Lewis was avoided for so long in the 1990's by his top threats, just like Bernard Hopkins was as well (until Oscar De La Hoya finally stepped up), Vivian Harris is having trouble scoring big fights with marquee names. And the reason is obvious - he's one helluva formidable fighter.


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