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Boxing: Cintron stops dangerous Reid

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posted on Jul, 18 2004 @ 10:32 AM

Kermit Cintron has the bad boy image of a guy who's openly cocky, unabashedly talented and patently driven to make his mark in the welterweight division, ASAP. Standing in his way to self-styled glory was the hard punching veteran Teddy Reid. Reid, known as "2 Guns" had no intention of letting the judges have their say in which welterweight would be fast tracked to a fall showdown with welterweight champion Cory Spinks. At thirty-three, Reid saw himself as the battle tested warrior in against a hyped wannabe. When the bell set this fight into motion, Reid's jab along with his movement appeared tentative, as much as it could be described as measured. Cintron wanted to box behind his jab, keeping Reid turning before him, always in range for his bombing right hand. As Cintron worked and reworked openings with his jab, he mixed in hard left hooks to Reid body. Reid tried to unload his left hook but was just being out sped for the first round and much of the second.


posted on Jul, 18 2004 @ 02:20 PM
Good to see Cintron won.

I just read a big article about him in the newspaper. He is the first boxer to train at Deer Lake since Muhammed Ali retired. That was Ali's "training camp" in Eastern Pennsylvania, about an hour from me, where he trained for his fights with Foreman, Frazier, etc.
The camp had been closed, then bought by Ali's former trainer and restored and Cintron is the first boxer to train there. It's nothing but cabins in the middle of the woods, Ali liked it because he could focus on his next opponent there without any distractions.

I'd like to take a drive up and see Deer Lake, I read that Ali painted boxers names that he respected on the large rocks about the camp. I'll be sure to take pics.

I found Cintron's pre-fight interview, he speaks about training at Deer Lake.

"Muhammad honored all of the past champs painting their names on boulders all over the camp."

That obviously isnt Walcott in the pic, its Steven Washington.

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