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Boxing: How Did Baby Joe Mesi’s Records get to Buffalo News?

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posted on Jul, 5 2004 @ 11:38 PM

Buffalo News reporter Tim Graham published an article on July second, in which he reports that the Buffalo News has in its possession,

“Five MRI reports obtained by The Buffalo News clearly stated Mesi suffered bleeding on the surface of his brain in at least three places. He didn’t have a normal brain scan until May 27.”

While all the controversy seems to focus on the possible brain bleeds that Mesi may have suffered against Jirov, the bigger controversy may be that the Buffalo News has admittedly acquired tests that they have no legal rights to and without Baby Joe’s medical release.

This admission to the public may open legal action against the newspaper. Medical records are protected by law and whomever released those records to the Buffalo News may have committed a crime opening several people up to both criminal and civil action should the Mesi family decide to proceed in that course.

While boxing fans want to know the extent of Joe Mesi’s injuries (if any) we would rather not at the cost of a man’s privacy, his rights. In the spirit of Independence it’s time for the Buffalo News to do some explaining of its own…


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