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Boxing: The fight with two losers

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posted on Jun, 28 2004 @ 01:26 PM

Robin Reid may have taken a unanimous points decision at the King's Hall Saturday night pic by Mr Will but he may find his reputation has taken almost as big a beating as the one he dealt out to rival Brian Magee in that hellish eighth round.

By scoring four knockdowns 'the Reaperman' won the IBO super-middleweight title at the King's Hall Saturday night but the bout was fought in such a cautious, choppy manner the feeling at ringside afterwards was one of disappointment. In a fight that should have propelled the winner towards an even bigger fight, both men let themselves down.

Promoter Jess Harding, delighted his years of hard work with Reid have paid off with a big win, wore a broad smile on his face after the decision was announced but Matchroom Promotions, with whom Harding has an alliance, were not enthused by the Reaperman's performance and the term 'unpromotable' was mentioned more than once.


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