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Boxing: Morales Not Impressed By Barrera Win

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posted on Jun, 20 2004 @ 08:08 PM
There were many in the boxing world that kept a close eye on the comeback fight of Marco Antonio Barrera, one of those men was Erik Morales.

Morales was not impressed by Barrera's TKO win over Ayala and does not think that Marco has improved his skills since the Pacquiao bout.

"To beat a guy who has fought once in over a year is not an impressive victory to me." said Morales

"Ayala looked like a beaten fighter before he even came into the ring. When I beat Ayala two years ago, he was going to retire and he should have. He took a bad beating in our fight."

"I saw nothing new from Barrera that would make me think that he is any better then when he fought Pacquiao"

"To stay the best you have to fight the best by facing young and hungry fighters, not fighters who are old or inactive like Tapia, Kelly and Ayala. That is why Pacquiao dominated him the way he did, Barrera had taken too many easy fights."



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