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posted on May, 28 2003 @ 04:46 AM
No doubt most of us remember Lou Duva as the volitile manager of many fighters in the 70s & 80s. I always liked Lou because he was 100% behind his fighters and would even brawl in the ring in their defense. Below is a short brief and the link to read a four part interview with Lou recounting his colourful past:

Two of the greatest things about boxing are its characters and its sense of history. And no one character best personifies the sport's history than Hall-of-Fame promoter, trainer and manager Lou Duva, who is perhaps boxing's most recognizable face. Born in Manhattan, New York, in 1922, Duva celebrates his 81st birthday on May 28.

It would literally take a book of epic proportions to properly capture the man and his memories. Unfortunately, one hasn't been written yet, but as a token of our appreciation of all that Duva has given the sport he so dearly loves, has elected to do the next best thing. We will honor Duva in the best way we know how and let him share a few of his memories with those that appreciate him most: the fighters and the fans.

In Part I, Duva speaks of his beginnings in the sport.

Duva interview link

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