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posted on Apr, 20 2003 @ 04:35 PM

By Ron Brashear
Inside Boxing Writer/Columnist
ATLANTA, GEORGIA (IB –April 19, 2003) – Well fight fans, in case you are wondering if Vernon Forrest will be granted a rematch with Ricardo Mayorga (25-3, 23 KOs), you need not to wonder any longer. The answer is YES! A very reliable source informed Insideboxing that the rematch is set for July 12th of this year with a confirmed site as TBD at the present time.

By the way, the reliable source happens to be the man himself, Vernon “The Viper” Forrest (31-1, 26 KOs). I met up with Vernon at a boxing venue in Atlanta on Friday night, and he, as well as his hometown colleague, the up-and-coming Heavyweight prospect, #13th ranked Cedric Boswell, were both all smiles.

Ron: So Vernon are you any closer to landing the re-match than you were when you and I spoke last month?

Vernon: “Yes, we actually have the fight now and it set for July 12th”

Ron: First of all, congratulations! That’s a tremendous blessing because often in this sport of boxing, the politics would impede on you receiving an immediate re-match. Has the location been established as well?

Vernon: “It will either be in Las Vegas or the Conseco Field house in Indianapolis, along with the Black Expo Convention during that time period.”

Ron: Tell us Vernon, what will be difference in the re-match to overcome Mayorga?

Vernon: “I will take the my emotions out of the fight. I just need to stick to my game plan and go back to what earned me all of my previous success, just box!”

Ron: Do you feel as though you will have to go out there and KO Mayorga in order to even the score?

Vernon: “No, I will view any win as a win. I don’t feel I have to knock him out. I need to just be victorious. Then we can see if the situation presents itself for a trilogy, or we will just see where we go from there.”

Ron: How soon will you be headed for training camp?

Vernon: I will be going to Colorado Springs, Colorado six weeks out from the fight.”

Ron: Well good luck Vernon and I am sure this will be a fight fans delight when you and Mayorga go at it again.

As for Cedric Boswell, this heavyweight is calling out any and every top-10 ranked heavyweight and so far; none of them are knocking on Cedric’s door. Cedric is 21-0, 16 KOs and has a legitimate chance of defeating any of today’s elite. The big question will be. Will any of the heavyweights take the gamble and give Cedric Boswell his deserving shot.

There may be hope after all in the near future. Here is what Cedric had to say.

Ron: So when will we get to see you in the ring again?

Cedric: “I plan to fight on May 19th however we are still awaiting confirmation of an opponent.”

Ron: Since the top-ranked heavies don’t seem to want to risk dealing with your skills, what other avenues are available for you to get your big opportunity?

Cedric: “HBO is planning a heavyweight tournament whereas the winner of the tournament will get a shot at the world title. I plan to enter this tournament and earn my shot since no one is giving me a shot.”

Ron: Well good luck Cedric and we hope to see you in the ring soon.

So fans, these two Atlanta friends have a lot to be smiling about and both seem to have forthcoming opportunities that could enrich their respective futures.

posted on Apr, 20 2003 @ 04:36 PM
I am looking forward to this fight. I saw the first one between these two and Mayorga totally dominated forrest and Knocked him out. Lets see if Forrest can come back and regain his title from Mayorga.


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