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Olympic Sports: Kid Budhia Singh, future champion runner!

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posted on May, 14 2006 @ 05:46 AM
Not sure if any of you guys would have read about this young chap, i read it in one of the papers during the week

BHUBANESWAR, India - Cheered by thousands, a 4-year-old boy dubbed "India's Forrest Gump" who was nearly sold by his impoverished mother ran 40 miles Tuesday to enter the country's foremost record book.

Budhia Singh, a slum resident from the eastern state of Orissa whose talent was discovered by a local sports coach, was escorted by doctors and 300 cadets of the Central Reserve Police Force, which plans to sponsor his upbringing.


Jeeze! 40 miles for a 4 year old kid, to do that he must have incredible stamina and it really does make it look like he will have potential when hes older to be a great runner

It will be a nice story to if he has alot of future success to help his mum, as the area they are in is quite poor

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