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Olympic Sports: Radcliffe returns with NY win

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posted on Nov, 7 2004 @ 06:44 PM
A triumphant Paula Radcliffe put her Athens nightmare behind her by winning the New York City Marathon and declaring: "It's good to be back."

The world record holder sprinted over the line to record a time of two hours 23 minutes and 10 seconds on Sunday.

It was a remarkable turnaround in fortunes for the 30-year-old athlete, whose dreams of winning Olympic Gold ended in misery on an Athens pavement 11 weeks ago.

"It's good to be back, feeling like myself and enjoying it," said Radcliffe, who crashed out of the Athens marathon after 22 miles.

"I felt totally different. I felt totally myself, nothing like the emptiness and horrible feeling I had then - no dizziness."

It was the closest-ever finish in the history of the prestigious marathon, as Radcliffe battled Kenyan-born Susan Chepkemei in the final stages.

But the Briton said her main mission was to enjoy the race rather than try to prove herself after the Olympics.



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