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Rugby, Australian Football: Bosses to conduct review

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posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 02:06 PM
Premier Rugby officials have confirmed there will be a review of the current salary cap for Zurich Premiership clubs. The current squad cap for senior teams is 1.997million and 110,000 for academies, but that will change after officials met today. It is understood the details of the changes will be announced once everything is fully agreed. A report published today suggested clubs would have an extra 250,000 to increase the size of their squads.

"We recognise that the size of squads needs to be larger, which is why clubs will have an extra 250,000 on top of the salary cap which will rise next season to more than 2million," said the chief executive of Premier Rugby, Howard Thomas.

The move is believed to allow clubs to bolster their squads to allow international players rest between important fixtures.

"A three-year study has been commissioned into the issue of burn-out and the welfare of players has to be of paramount importance," Thomas told the Guardian.

"There have been a number of high-profile injuries, but it is not clear whether they are related to the number of games an individual plays: in the cases of Jonny Wilkinson and Mike Tindall, for example, it would appear not.

"We want each club to have a squad of 40 players and the extra money being made available should help them achieve that."



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