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Rugby, Australian Football: Tri-Nations gets the green light

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posted on Jan, 20 2005 @ 04:54 PM
International rugby league bosses have given the green light for the 2005 Tri-Nations Series but in a slightly amended format. No dates have been finalised but the tournament will once more begin in the southern hemisphere before moving to Britain, where the Rugby Football League will once more act as hosts.

A repeat event was assured following the bumper success of the 2004 tournament, which drew a combined attendance for the seven matches of 182,313 and produced a 750,000 profit. But Australia held back their final approval after taking into account the views of Test players and their National Rugby League clubs who feared player burn-out, and warned that the 2005 tournament would not take place under the same format.

As part of a compromise agreement, both matches between Australia and New Zealand will now take place Down Under to cut down on the amount of travelling.

"We have today received the required confirmation that the format of the 2005 Tri-Nations Series is acceptable to all three parties," said Richard Lewis, executive chairman of the RFL who is also vice-chairman of the International Federation.

"We can now begin the detailed planning and preparation to ensure that the staging of this year's tournament will build on the tremendous success of the inaugural event.

"The 2004 Series captured the imagination of the sporting public in the northern and southern hemispheres and proved to be a great vehicle for international rugby league."

Australia are likely to host the next-but-one Tri-Nations Series in 2006 in the run-up to the 2008 World Cup.



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