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Rugby, Australian Football: SRU rocked by more departures

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posted on Jan, 11 2005 @ 12:27 PM
The influential Premier Forum has warned the Scottish Rugby Union that a breakaway by club teams could follow the current turmoil at the top of the game. David Mackay resigned as SRU chairman on Monday after a vote of no confidence from the SRU general committee. And three members of the SRU executive board - Fraser Livingston, Andrew Flanagan and Eric Hagman - have since quit in protest at the vote.

As a consequence the Premier Forum, which was set up to help Scottish club sides, has raised the possibility of a breakaway from the game's governing body in Scotland.

Premier Forum secretary Kenny Hamilton told the Edinburgh Evening News: "We need to keep the sport integrated but if, because of the way the game is being managed by the governing body, it may have to be considered.

"I have not met any club or individual who thought removing David Mackay was appropriate."

A row has been simmering for months between Scotland's clubs and the SRU executive, with club sides fearing a loss of policy-making power to the governing body.

But the three outgoing executive board members lashed out at the decision to force Mackay's exit in their notice to quit.


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