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Cricket: Tony Greg, Trecherous and Ungreatfull

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posted on Oct, 14 2005 @ 12:18 AM
Can U think of Anyone that hates Australia doing well more than Tony Greig AKA the MUT.
I have never seen anyone (actually I have, Blind Billy (Bignose) Lawry and Micheal (I just can't seem to except th fact that Australia's better than My West Indies) Holding) that hates Australia more than Tony The MUT Greig especially after the life that he's made for himself here. He just gets worse year after year and you hear it in his comments more and more.
I have a lot friends and family that can't watch the cricket when he's commentating and there are times when I can smash the telly having to listen to his comments.
Just today, watching the World XI V's Australia in the first day of the Supertest any seeing how both Micheal Clark and Simon Katich got out was hard enough but to have to listen to that "****" try and justify them and all the while smirking at Simon O'Donnell and loving every minute of it was enough to make me turn the TV over I was that angry.
After a considerable amount of time I turned it back knowing that that pr*ck would have been gone only to find that not just that unpatriotic peice of Sh*t Blind Bill Lawry was commentating but also Micheal Holding as well, it's enough to want to stop watching cricket all together.
There was a time when I had the utmost respect for MH but over the past 4 or 5 years he just seemed to get bitter about the fact that Australia had broken all the long standing records of the Windies Sides of the 70's and 80's, of which I loved watching them attain. Now wether thats the reason or it's because the current Windies side struggles to be competetive let alone win any matches I don't know but he makes excuses for them all the time and when they play Australia he suggests that they get robbed all the time, which is ludicris because I've found over the past half a dozen years or more if there's a bad decission in an Aussie match it generally goes against Australia or at least the percentage of them do.
Just look at the recent Ashes Tour, if I've ever saw a worse series of umpireing errors it could only have been on the sub continental tours of the 70's, 80's and 90's and they were the worst.
But it just goes to show that the ICC were so worried about Australias dominance over the rest of the world sides they either allowed or just ignored the umpireing mistakes made in the ashes series. Again that was one of the worst adjudicated series I have seen and England still only just won.
I know, I know, but to quote all those that have to justify what we all saw but without admitting any bias, "Cricket was the winner here" and thats fine, "IF YOUR AN ENGLANDER"!!!! NOT
But since everybody wanted to see Australia get beat no-one cares that the game was abused by the Pommies and the Umpires and to get back to my original point, as long as you have "THINGS" like Tony Greig, Bill Lawry and Micheal Holding Oh and Ian Botham and Bob Willis who will do there best to help cover up and justify the fact that the Aussies were robbed of a fair and even series and even as out of form as they were they probably still would have won the Ashes.
Just look at how they lost the 2nd test by a couple of runs when Kasper was given out caught behind when his hand wasn't even on the bat. Should have been 2 tests up at that point and well on the way to victory.
Anyway these are just a few thoughts I thought I would share with you and ask who else thinks that the Packers should sack Tony Greig and even Bill Lawry for that matter and replace them with someone a little less bias or at least someone that doesn't show there bias so blatently.
Sack Tony Greig, Sack Tony Greig, Sack Tony Greig, Sack Tony Greig, Sack Tony Greig, Sack Tony Greig, Sack Tony Greig, Sack Tony Greig, Sack Tony Greig.:angry-smiley-034::angry-smiley-034:

posted on Oct, 14 2005 @ 08:13 AM
i have no idea what you are talking about but i get the feeling that you don't think much of Tony....


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