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Football: Prem so far

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posted on Oct, 31 2005 @ 02:46 PM
Chelsea are looking strong but that comes as no surprise. Can they run away with the league? I'm not so sure but they will more than likely win it. Every team is out to beat them like they was to Arsenal and Man U in previous seasons.

My team West Ham have done well so far but we need to beef up the side a bit in January. If we pick up a few key injuries we could end up struggling later on in the season.

Not a surprise to me is how well Tottenham are doing. Jol has built up a good side of young talented players. They could actually make a challenge but it all depends if they can stay consistant. At the moment with the form of other teams, they could actually grab a Champions League place.

Man United are really struggling, is it time for Fergie to step down? Or will they bounce back? Same goes for Arsenal, without Henry they don't look as good but they have managed to grind out a few results.

And Everton.... well we all predicted that they wouldn't do as good as last season, now didn't we...

If you take away Chelsea, the rest of the league looks wide open and there could be a few surprises come the end of the season for the European places.


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