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Crash course in objectivity.

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posted on Dec, 1 2003 @ 12:57 PM
2012, what a popular number nowadays in your New Age circles? So what does Spirituality, New Age, ancient civilizations (like the Mayans as you've come to know them) and their calendars, Conspiracy Theories, Aliens, and all other circulations have in common? All are clues, and all are parts of an equation that has a definite objective truth to it (hence, answer). Most of these are propaganda, smoke-screens, and other exaggerations imposed by your own "system" or governments and "others" (that you'll soon come to be aware of, much to your discouragement) to confuse and throw off real truth. Learn to see past all that. There are few on this planet that are aware of the truth, and as Jesus said, it really does "set you free". No one can be told what "the Matrix" or "truth" is (notice the correlation and clues in your recent films, all are but lessons) you must see it for yourself. Ignorance is NOT bliss, but that's subjective (you have a saying, "To each his own"). Humans are about to experience much orchestrated panic, more faked terror attacks (oh please, the only "terrorists" are the elite YOU put in charge of your world, namely your governments and others you are not yet aware of - all are one would constitute a significant clue), a very probable police state imposed in USA, the Midwest region of USA turning into an area resembling Bermuda Triangle taken to an extreme, and the "UFO's" you've become so obsessed over are to become very frequent, very soon. All that will create much chaos and preparatory (for a future event, which is up to you to discover) repercussions on this planet. All is relative, however. The all blinks neither at the darkness nor the light. Time is an illusion, and this is something else humans will learn by 2012.. guaranteed. Where is this information coming from? The source isn't important - do your own research if you are willing to find out the truth.. no one can be TOLD the truth because to most it will appear completely absurd. When you find it yourself, however, it is truely an enlightening experience. You've been warned. History isn't known for the "peace time" that this world experienced, and this relative world peace is coming to an abrupt finale. This is one of the attempts in this time loop by me, and others of similar predispositions to awaken those who are ready and existing in that stage of their learning process. All others are and will be bewildered, angered, and confused as they prefer their false sense of security, wishful thinking, and blind belief/ignorance that all is fine in the world. It is up to the individual to find out the answers, for if you leave it to others it may be too late. You (humans) will receive many more warnings of such sort, as you've already received but ignored/covered up/fused with conspiracy theories/ridiculed. All is lessons, nothing less, nothing more.

[Edited on 1-12-2003 by lilblam]

posted on Dec, 1 2003 @ 01:10 PM
Yes and....,

I kinda hoped you would have some conclusion to make on this, yeah I know the 'everything is only lessons bit is very powerful' but how about something that sums up the times we are in.

we are a product of the time and place we are right?

posted on Dec, 1 2003 @ 01:38 PM
The current time is a transition period. Many things are coming to light that are no longer possible to keep hidden from public view and scrutiny. The sh1t is hitting the fan in fragments. Isn't it surprizing how quiet the whole country is about Bush's reasons for invasion of 2 countries? Imagine how quiet Israel's citizens will be when it invades Syria? (That's much sooner than later, apparently.. check the news). Why all the quietness? Silence is just another word for consent. This is the last period that the people have to make a stand and be heard, because if that happens now the transition will happen much more smoothly on the home front (Earth). Otherwise we just welcome the gestapo state that will be propagated as "for our own good" and "for our security" and "required to protect against global terrorism", and any other BS reason that comes to your mind and has already been USED by our government many times in the past. Germany already tried that, and it worked beautifully... people LOVED "wishful thinking" until the VERY LAST MOMENT, when it was ALMOST too late. A US President said something along the lines of "If this world ever faces an extraterrestrial threat, we'd be forced to forget all our petty differences and unite our whole planet against this common foe". Do you REALLY THINK that a president would be talking out of his ass just for the sake of giving science fiction writers more ideas? Please! Our government knows something, and they aren't telling. So instead of petitioning in the name of "Freedom of Information Act', better do real objective research and never neglect a source, no matter how obscure and unbelievable the information being emitted seems. Truth really is stranger than fiction, if the world is based on fiction that tries to pass itself off as truth. The government knows nothing that you cannot know, if you wish to know it badly enough and put in the effort. Objectively speaking, if humanity chooses to sleep anyway, it won't matter to the universe at large. It'll be a lot more sudden and painful for humans themselves, however, when time runs out and they're still in the land of Oz. THENEO, you're well aware of the Cassiopaean material, but this is only scratching the surface. As Laura says, it's only 10% direct information and 90% of PURE RESEARCH. If she removed the 10%, she'd still be WELL on her way to knowing the truth, and this goes for anyone and everyone.

posted on Dec, 1 2003 @ 01:44 PM
So much for the paragraphs post.

Just kidding

I do in fact like your style

posted on Dec, 2 2003 @ 12:14 AM
I don't understand. If time is an illusion, why would dates, like 2012, matter to anything? Shouldn't whatever oddity that would happen just start now rather than wait for a specific man-made date? If time is an illusion, then it must be an important one.

posted on Dec, 2 2003 @ 04:51 PM
You're right, the dates don't matter. It's just being given for our own reference point, as that's all we can use. Time is an illusion, but as all illusions is still somehow there... like a mirage on a hot summer road that looks like a puddle.. sure you KNOW it's only a mirage, but you STILL SEE IT. And yes the date does not matter, but humans need a reference point to grab onto; it's hard to just see everything as an infinite now where beginning = end and vice versa, and everything is one. Time is easily explained away when you understand that the age of the universe (by universe I just mean everything that exists) is infinite. Why? Because if there was ever nothing, there'd always be nothing since you cannot get ANYTHING or SOMETHING out of nothing. So, since all this stuff (in one form of energy or another) has been around for infinity of "time", you can never single out a moment in infinity and place humans smack dab in that "time" period. You'd first have to get through infinity of time to get to that moment. Anywhere in the "middle" of infinity is still infinity behind it and in front of it. Infinity/2 = infinity. Therefore, if time exists and is apparently linear (we dunno how to jump forward and backward yet or skip parts), we'd never exist as we cannot first spend infinity of time doing nothing and then suddenly incarnate after "infinity" of doing nothing (you never reach infinity and surpass it, it only exists in theory), that's impossible. So time cannot exist, but how come we think it does? Because each human is taken out of context of the "WHOLE", so we only SEE bits and pieces with our limited awareness, and things appear to have beginning/end because of our limited perception.. animals have even less limited perception.. they don't even know/care that there is time etc. If a dog is in your room and then runs to the kitchen with you being left in the room, and suddenly sees you also there in the kitchen cooking dinner, he won't even consider that that's impossible. Our 3rd density awareness is way beyond 2nd density animals/plants/single celled organisms etc.. but the same great leap (if not bigger) is done when going to 4th density, where you actually DO see that time is non existant and many many other things (like distance, once you master space/time everything is exactly as close as you want it to be, you get ANYWHERE at ANYTIME). The intentions/plans of our alien "buddies" aren't easily explainable (if at all) to us, just like you cannot explain calculus to a monkey or why humans burn down forests to a squirrel.. well maybe YOU can
. 4th densities can put it into our words to comply with our limited understanding and ability to process info, but it'll be scarred and limited. If you can figure out how to explain some basic human concepts to an animal, you'd then be well on your way to see how hard it'd be for "them" to explain their concepts and reality to us, yet they try anyway. I hope all that made sense even if a little

posted on Dec, 2 2003 @ 05:34 PM

You (humans) will receive many more warnings of such sort, as you've already received but ignored/covered up/fused with conspiracy theories/ridiculed. All is lessons, nothing less, nothing more.

So, then spill the Beef.

But I do believe that we are about to reach a transition in our lives, Vibrate to the next level as the mayans stated.

posted on Dec, 3 2003 @ 12:16 AM
I've been researching A LOT of sh1t lately and to say the least..... TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN FICTION! We are in a period of transcendence in which our 3rd dimension world will merge with the 4th dimension. Fear and chaos is a source of food for some and there will be plenty to go around. 2012 give or take is the end of time (not the end of the world), because time is false.

What is time? Einstein said time is relative, not absolute. We base time on movement in space. According to some, time is simultaneous. In other words past present and future are happening at the same moment.

Take it as face value, but I truly believe that we are in for some drastic changes in the way people think, act, and conduct activities. New social structures will come to light and a new way of living will be upon us.

I think that we are mutating (evolving) to hold a higher vibrational frequency. Our DNA will accommodate and we will be able to use more of our brain (not the pathetic 15% we use now). Telepathy, levitation, higher intuitive capabilities, and a sense of oneness is all that we can expect. The choice now is to accept this transformation with love or with fear.

Call me a loon, but if I'm 15% right wouldn't that be something?

[Edited on 3-12-2003 by Aliceinwonderland]

posted on Dec, 10 2003 @ 05:48 AM
we already have a 4th dimension, time. The illusion you speak of is being only able to view it in a 3d format. (much like viewing a Cube as a Square because your 2d).

"Perception is always one dimension less than reality"


posted on Dec, 10 2003 @ 05:54 AM

Originally posted by NuTroll
we already have a 4th dimension, time. The illusion you speak of is being only able to view it in a 3d format. (much like viewing a Cube as a Square because your 2d).

"Perception is always one dimension less than reality"


I so agree. Meaning objectivity is inherently NOT a human persepctive. If we had a third eye, we'd be God. Or nihilists. Or both?

Hmm, makes me wonder, how can God not be apothetic about our human condition.

posted on Dec, 10 2003 @ 09:26 AM
What I was speaking of was specifically 4th density, NOT 4th dimension. Time does mathematically fit into the theory of being 4th dimension itself, however dimensions are infinite but densities are only 7. Dimensions are alternate realities, or mathematically speaking they are scalable and add one dimension onto another to create an overall effect. So in mathemtical terms you can be sitting on 24th dimension and be aware of all 24. In a different definition of dimension, you can only be aware of the dimension you are in (and they wouldn't be numbered as they are infinite), as that is your reality.. until you are in a high enough DENSITY to see them ALL (all being infinity). All the time an infinity dimensions are created infinity times per an infinitesemal moment in "time", as each possible "choice" that can be made or each effect of every cause is played out. So in our perception it is linear, out of many choices one is made (not only human choices, I mean every possible molecular and energy construction that we have) we perceive only a few in our reality, but in essence ALL of them are made. We are simply taken out of context like pieces of a puzzle scattered all over the place.. we see only tiny parts of what IS and that is all. Densities are measured in how close you are to union with the One, aka density 7. Don't get me wrong, the One isn't Neo nor is it "God" (yet it is, if you look for clues in implications, not the direct meaning), it is simply everything that ever existed/exists/will exist (as it is all the same thing, because time is gone at 4th density perception and above). 4th density perception does allow you to transgress time as you won't experience it anymore! 4th DIMENSION may be time in mathematical terms (they really need another name for it, dimension was already taken as an alternate reality but on the SAME level, whereas in math each new dimension adds a new level to the same reality), but densities are very different. For example, 5th density is contemplation zone - a place densities 1 through 4 go when they die and then recyle back into one of the 4. Again, all those are specifics of some idea that you'd have to take with a big grain of salt, but if you research and look for clues you may stumble upon some truths verifying just such an idea. Like the Bible that says God created Earth in 7 days (allegorical significance, most stories are either made up totally or are allegories and simplified true events that must be looked at carefully to learn something), or 7 layers of hell in other relious practices, many others exist also. So you may find clues in religious stories and books when taken in context with what you know now. Many books are written about 4th density secret controllers of this world (usually not called that by the authors but very similar in essence) that allude to precisely this idea. Religion sometimes does the right things for the wrong reasons (celibacy, the idea stems from trying to be Service to Others orientation not Service to Self, but they don't understand why or even the idea itself and end up flipping it towards STS), and often the wrong things for no reason at all. Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear will do, others won't because that is their choice. Morpheus was right when he said that everything begins with choice, because choice is hyperdimensional and infinite and therefore not limited to time/space/reality as it all starts with consciousness which is all there really is. I often find out life just throws you clues from common experiences if you are self-conscious and conscious of certain situations in your life that when analyzed later may startle you with what you can learn, really. Consciousness is all there is, and that's why all there is is lessons, nothing less, nothing more. The only YOU exist is because somebody had a thought, and you are simply a representation of that thought in what seems to YOU as true reality in physicality, guess again!

posted on Dec, 10 2003 @ 01:32 PM
It may be interesting to note that numbers are important (such as seven) as they relate to sacred geometry. If you take a circle which represents divity two dimensionally, you can perfectly fit 6 more circles of the same size around it. 6+1=7
But what happens when you add a dimension to this equation?
You now are working with spheres. How many spheres can perfectly fit around one sphere (given they are all equal in size)?

12+1=13 (another magic number)

Note that Jesus had 12 disciples. To me this is just another sign pointed to Jesus Christ as divine.

Another interesting note is that social studies has shown us that the optimum number of people to have in any type of small group is maxed out at around 12 or 13. Beyond that the group tends to break down.

I'm not sure how this relates back to densities yet.

Another thought: There are 3 primary colors (Blue, Red & Yellow) from which all others can be made (The Trinity).
Mix blue and red and you get purple.
Mix blue and yellow and you get green.
Mix red and yellow and you get orange.

Now, two iterations down we have six colors primary all surrounding one (white) which represents unity.

I love seeing how GOD created this world and enjoy sharing my experience for GOD.



posted on Dec, 10 2003 @ 05:21 PM

Originally posted by jammerman
It may be interesting to note that numbers are important (such as seven) as they relate to sacred geometry....

Jammer, I have some what of a rant going on this under another thread called The Word God (I think).

I'd like to get your input on my perceptions of 3, 7 and 11.

I also like your Avatar and am drawn to God's fingerprints myself. Let's share sometime.

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