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Inside camp X-ray

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posted on Nov, 13 2002 @ 04:06 PM
For full story:

Mohammad Sagheer:
"We had no idea where we were being taken. Only when we got there did the soldiers tell us it was Cuba. Of course I was surprised. I'd been blindfolded. My hands were tied. They covered my ears. My legs were tied. I couldn't move or hear anything. It was very hard.

"In the beginning in jail we were not allowed to talk, to give a call to prayer and to pray. We were given ten minutes to finish our food and they'd take it away if we hadn't finished by then. Only later after we had been on hunger strike did they extend our mealtime to 30 minutes.

"We once gave a call for prayer and after that we were punished. This was a difficult time. They beat us. They hit us on the head. Grabbed us by the neck. Some people were unconscious and they were taken to hospital."

He says those who continued to show defiance were imprisoned in an isolation centre they dubbed "India Block". The cells were air conditioned - which Sagheer hadn't come across before, and which he took to be part of the punishment.


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