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WWE: McMahonism WWE latest storyline

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posted on Apr, 18 2006 @ 06:03 AM
Jeeze! not sure if any of you guys have seen the latest goings on in the WWE but its really pushing the boundaries at the minute. There was a match between one of the wrestlers against Vince McMahon (the chairman) and Vince McMahon was defeated.

So the next time the wrestling was on Vince McMahon came down and said he was defeated cos there was divine interference from God, hence why Vince McMahon got beat.

But now, its getting even better haha. Vince says he has his own religion called McMahonism and now all this wierd stuff is going on. Like fire erupting next to him, and like some sort of explosions. I think the gist of things here is, hes insulted god so god is doing all this stuff to him.

And now its.....the big match at the next main event, its Vince and his son, against a wrestler (Shawn Michaels) whos partner is..... GOD haha

Its making a total mockery, am pretty sure hes annoyed some people with this storyline though haha


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