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WWE: SD! Spoilers

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posted on Nov, 30 2005 @ 06:51 AM
After 4 hours of practice i missed Tues. but I've got Fri. Results:

Friday Night Smackdown:

*Randy Orton promo talking about deading The Undertaker once again and demanding a shot at the World Strap.

*The Mexicools (Psicosis and Super Crazy) win a tag team Battle Royal. A fun matchup with lots of cool moves and teamwork. MNM were on commentary and possibly scouting.

*Chris Benoit defeated William Regal with The Crippler Crossface. Worse than their usual encounters. Boring and by the numbers but worked well even with the lame hardway juice.

*Randy Orton defeated Matt Hardy with the RKO. Possibly the MOTNC and I feel alive and full of hope after seeing this dream match. Afterwards Undertaker spoke over the loudspeaker and used all types of crazy firewalls and caskets to make Orton hear him and fear him. Hell in the Cell is scheduled now. Randy Orton tried to get Teddy Long to stop the match from happening but Teddy declined and spookeriffic stuff happened.

*Simon Dean was interviewed by Diva Search loser Kristal about his match against The Boogeyman. Can't miss segment here. Funniest stuff since SNL.

*The Boogeyman defeated Simon Dean with The Supernatural Driver Total and complete squash but Mr. Boogey was over and his entrance is like a combo of Kane, Mordecai and Chris Masters all in one.

*Lashley defeated Sylvan with the Dominator. Lashley is big and powerful but he doesn't leave anything to the imagination, Sylvan was his usual great self.

*WWE World Tag Team champions Big Show and Kane defeated Rey Mysterio and JBL. Ref miscue and Tries as might couldn't help Smackdown in this one. Batista makes the save when things get hectic

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