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WWE: John Cena News, ECW Update, Shark Boy Case, Dreamer, More

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posted on Jun, 10 2005 @ 01:30 PM

On the Billboard 200 this week, 'You can't see me' went down from 47 to 69. It dropped off completely from the Internet Albums chart. In the hip-hop album chart, it went from 23 to 29 and in the rap album chart, it went from 12 to 13. On the Video Sales - Recreational Sports DVD chart, Wrestlemania XX1 is No. 1 for the 3rd week, while The Rise and Fall of ECW moved from 6 to 3, only being beaten by UFC 51 at NO. 2. Other WWE DVDs on the list is WWE Viva Las Divas going down from 15 to 18. While a non-WWE DVD, Women's Extreme Wrestling Vol. 5-8 debuted at No. 10

On the MTV website features a story regarding Dean "Shark Boy" Roll's lawsuit against Miramax pictures, which was reported here yesterday.

Apparently former ECW ring announcer Stephen DeAngelis has been told to attend this Sunday's ECW PPV.

IGN has an interview with Tommy Dreamer, promoting WWE's ECW One Night Stand PPV. Dreamers discusses partying with The Sandman after the television tapings this week and speaks on having the chance to conclude ECW this Sunday, and more.

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