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WWE: Major "ECW Byte This!" News; Heyman/Dreamer Shoot Very Hard

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posted on Jun, 10 2005 @ 01:24 PM
Mike Johnson of wrote the following ECW Byte This! recap:

Quick Highlights coming out of's Byte This with Paul Heyman and Tommy Dreamer this evening:

*Rob Van Dam will get 6-10 minutes to address the crowd at ECW One Night Stand.

*Tommy Dreamer promised exclusive surprises for the fans live at the PPV that won't be seen on PPV or DVD.

*Bubba Ray Dudley called in to discuss the return of the Dudley Boyz on Raw.

*When an email asked about Hardcore Homecoming, Paul Heyman said that he hopes its a success. He says that there is a market for the ECW experience, although no one has captured it yet. He said that there is obviously an audience that misses it and wants it to this day based on the fan reaction. Heyman said that Hardcore Homecoming tapped into the market and if they fail at that this Friday, there's no business for them for the future. He said that if they do well, they fill the ECW experience and that will do well for the ECW Legacy. Heyman said that he doesn't want there to be a show where fans want the ECW experience and they don't get it. He said that he doesn't want the consumer to be let down and he wants them to make a million dollar.

*In regard to Hardcore Homecoming, Tommy Dreamer said he's happy for the wrestlers because they are getting another payday because the independents are depressing. He said that there's no way to recreate ECW. He says the ECW Arena is a Bingo Hall and doesn't look like the ECW Arena anymore. He says that he's happy for the success of the show, but it's just a leech hanging onto the ECW PPV. He says that Vince McMahon owns ECW and "can do whatever the hell he wants with it." He said that it's not ECW authentic and compared it to previous companies like MLW, XPW, and MECW attempting to be ECW. Dreamer said that it's their vision but it's not authentic ECW. He then said he wants them to go out and have a great show, but even One Night Stand won't be an authentic ECW show, it's a celebration of ECW for the fans getting as close as they can to the old days. He said that it's not about getting a job with Raw or Smackdown, it's about busting their asses for the fans.

*Dreamer said he wants Shane Douglas, Jerry Lynn, and Raven at the PPV, but they won't be appearing "for reasons out of our control."

*Joining the show via telephone, Steven Richards noted he suffered a knee injury while facing Chris Masters on a house show, and is out of action. Dreamer noted that Richards is taping up his knee and will be competing at the PPV this Sunday. Richards promised that the fans will see the Stevie Richards that everyone knows he could and should be, not the watered down version he's seen as today.

*When asked about Beulah McGuillicuty being at the PPV, Tommy Dreamer said that there will be footage of everyone who made an impact in ECW. Paul Heyman said there will be live guests at the show and “if they stepped foot in ECW, there’s a chance they will be there.”

*In regard to the rumor of WWE bringing back ECW back as a regular brand, Tommy Dreamer said “If this thing is a hit, who the hell knows?” Dreamer said “Let’s just get through Sunday” and see what happens.

*Dreamer said if they weren’t going to do the show in New York City, he’d like to do the PPV in Philadelphia but not the ECW Arena because it’s not the Arena anymore. Dreamer and Heyman joked about a reunion tour with Heyman saying he has no hair now as it is. They put over the Hammerstein Ballroom and how intimate the venue is.

*Tommy Dreamer said ECW was the best part of his life and he’s going to go out on Sunday and show the world what he used to be, because he “has no career come Monday.”

*Paul Heyman discussed editing all night in the studio with Ron Buffone for ECW and said it wasn’t hype when he said it was a lifestyle.

*Steven Richards is scheduled for knee surgery for Monday and pushed it back because he wanted to work the PPV.

*They noted that Spike Dudley is “messed up bad” and needs “months off” according to doctors but is shrugging it off to work the PPV.

*Paul Heyman said his contract is up at the end of the year and he doesn’t know if he’ll be around after that. He said he is working on outside projects including a TV series he’d like to develop and said “This place could use some competition too.” He said as far as he’s concerned, this PPV is his “last hurrah.” He said for everyone, they don’t know what’s going to happen with ECW and they are going into it as a One Night Only thing.

*Heyman said they want to give an ECW experience right down to the 18 x 18 ring and the old ECW security guards (Atlas Security). Hey, how come they don’t want the old crew? (I kid, I kid) He said they are going to give everyone a night of memories, old school memories, great action, and way to smile.

Source: Wrestling Exposed

posted on Jun, 13 2005 @ 06:35 AM
Beulah McGuillicuty was there, very nice to see the reaction.
Spike brought out the lighter fluid in the Dudley's match, Stevie turned up with the whole BWO and treated us to a Stevie Kick.

Was a great night, Tommy's right about it notbeing authentic ECW but was more of a show case for the fans.


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