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WWE: More On Cena/RAW Trade, What About Batista?; Draft Update

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posted on Jun, 7 2005 @ 02:03 PM
For those who missed this week's RAW (or haven't seen it yet depending on where you live), the first trade for this month's "WWE Draft Lottery month" was made at the beginning of RAW on Chris Jericho's "Highlight Reel." In a shocking move, it was none other than current WWE champion on the SmackDown! brand, John Cena.

What does this mean for Batista? Well, WWE obviously has two options. One, trade John Cena back to SmackDown! before the month ends somehow since the next SmackDown! brand pay-per view isn't until July 24, leaving plenty of "build-up" time for a match if Cena were to end up back on SmackDown!. The other option is of course for Batista to end up on SmackDown! before the month is over, with the Vengeance PPV on June 26, it would only leave one RAW show for that to happen.

The entire SmackDown! crew was in St. Louis for RAW this week, so it's very likely WWE made their decision when picking Cena as to who would be the first to move to SmackDown! this week as well. Prior to tonight, at least as far as the talent is concerned, no one was aware of who was going where as a result of this draft lottery storyline.

Source: Wrestling Exposed


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