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WWE: John Cena Update, WWE Hire New Executive, ECW News, More

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posted on Jun, 4 2005 @ 04:13 PM
Source: PWInsider

John Cena’s debut album has picked up a little steam on the Billboard Hot 200, going up from 50 to 47. This could be due to that on the Internet Albums chart (albums purchased online), the CD is No. 1 this week. In the hip-hop albums chart, it's gone down from 15 to 23. And in the rap albums chart, it's gone down from 7 to 12. The WrestleMania XXI DVD is still No. 1 on the 'Video Sales - Recreational Sports DVD'. Other DVDs on the list, 'Rise and Fall of ECW' has gone up from 7 to 6, Viva Las Divas has gone down from 8 to 15, and WWE Andre the Giant has gone down from 14 to 18. The WM XXI DVD has fallen off the Top DVD Sales chart in its second week.

WWE have recently hired Michael McNeill, as their new executive earlier this week as Vice President of Partnership Marketing. He will be brought into a develop strategic partnerships and new sponsorship opportunities for WWE's various media platforms, including syndicated television programming, events, tours, WWE's VOD service, websites, consumer products and other sponsorable WWE business initiatives. Before McNeil joined WWE, he served as Director of Development for New York City's Olympic organization, NYC2012. He was responsible for managing NYC2012's fundraising program.

For those of you who will be ordering the ECW PPV, the show will be priced at $34.95.

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