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WWE: Lots Of News & Notes: Hogan, RVD, Big Show, More

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posted on Jun, 4 2005 @ 04:06 PM

There's a lot of pro wrestling on television coming up the next day or two. Here's what we're looking at as of right now:

-There will be a special on the E! channel tomorrow at 8:00AM and 3:00PM dedicated to "The Longest Yard" movie, featuring Steve Austin, Bill Goldberg, Kevin Nash, and Bob Sapp.

-ROH and TNA stars C.M. Punk and Samoa Joe will be on Monster Garage tonight on the Discovery Channel at 6:00PM EST.

-Hulk Hogan's old episode of "MTV Cribs" airs tonight on the MTV channel at midnight.

-The Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young will be on a repeat episode of the David Letterman show tonight at 12:35AM.

-The film "Over the Top" with Terry Funk will be airing on the HBO 2 channel tomorrow at 11:00AM EST.

-Black Mask 2 will air in Spanish tomorrow on Univision. That movie features Rob Van Dam.

-Tomorrow night's taped edition of the David Letterman show will be the one with The Big Show.

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