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WWE: RVD's In-Ring Return

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posted on Jun, 2 2005 @ 12:35 PM
In an interview with, RVD gave an update on his injury status and return to the ring: "The reason why I'm not on TV right now was because I'm not a character that people are used to seeing beside the ring, or talking on the microphone about what I'm hoping to do. I know from my athleticism, from my moves if we're getting it done in the ring, so that's why I'm going to wait until I'm 110% and when I come back, my 5 star will look like a 5 star again and I'll be hitting the road with thunder every night."

The interview also goes into detail on RVD's work with ECW.

For those interested, Ticketmaster has once again made tickets for the ECW PPV available for purchase. There are reportedly a few hundred seats remaining.

Source: Wrestling Exposed


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