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WWE: WWE Featured On TSN Top-10; & John Cena Update

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posted on Jun, 2 2005 @ 12:34 PM
-- Just a programming note, for those whom have reported that the John Cena appearance will be the lead-in show for WWE Raw on Monday June 06, you are mistaken as TSN's Off The Record One-on-One with John Cena will be in its usual timeslot of 6pm ET on TSN. Raw can be seen live on TSN at 9pm.

-- On tonights TSN Sportscenter Top 10, which was themed ' Dont quit your day job ', Brock Lesnar came in at #7. They went over the brief 15 second history of Lesnar, from being an NCAA Champion (showing NCAA footage), to being dubbed the next big thing (shows footage of Lesnar superplexing Big Show through The Ring on Smackdown, with the entire emplosion of the ring being shown), they said that once Lesnar decided to leave the 'wrasslin' business, he tried getting into the NFL with tme Minnisota Vikings, something which he should never had done.

For anyone who cares, Gretzky came in at #3 for his day at Californa Angels Batting Practice, Michael Jordan #2 for his Baseball Career and Manabu (?) for his Horse Racing and Hockey career.

The Top 10 will be replayed tonight at the 11:30 pm edition of Sportscenter (dependent on the NBA game ending on time), and for sure on the 2:am edition as well as the Sportscenter loop which will be only from 6-8am on Thursday.

Source: Wrestling Exposed

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